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Recycling Items - "Thinking Outside the Box"


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Have you ever wished that you would find money thrown on the floor every time you look down? What about people giving you money for the simple reason you asked them to. Better yet, people giving you bags full of money with no questions asked. Of course everyone would like that to happen to them. This very thing is happening everyday and lots of people are missing the opportunity of free money. Let me explain. I am talking about recycling cans, bottles, glass, paper, and anything recyclable items for exchange for money. They may not look like cash now, but these Recycling items are the easies form of exchange that anyone can ask for. Hassle free that is. Lost of times, I've asked friends and family to save recycling items for me. With no question asked they told me, sure. They throw them away anyway.

As long as I pick them up and don't leave a mess. I see it as some one just giving me a hand full of cash. Every time I see cans bottles, plastic lying around my neighborhood or even at work it is cash waiting to be picked up. If cold cash money was lying on the floor or let's just say a dime, any one would pick it up, but if you place a crushed can on the floor lots of people will pass right by it.

So, why aren't lots of people recycling? There are people assume that recycling cans, bottles, plastic and scrap metal are mainly a waste of time. That can be true, but if you recycle with a purpose in mind you can do wonders with that money. A simple road to wealth is possible. If you educate society on other ways recycling can be used, it can help lots of people remove debt, pay bills, and even save for retirement. Just be creative with what you get from recycling items. It has been proven that it can be now a form of income or leverage tool to become wealthy.

Many well say, “no way" to that statement. Anything is possible if you take the correct attitude and approach to it. Don't just spend the money you make out of recycling items. That keeps you in the poverty level. Invest your money and cause it to stretch so you can get more out of it. I spoke to people about this subject and they told me it would take to long to save with recycling money. Think about it this way by crawling to you goals. I rather crawl to my goal then not moving at all. Changing the way we think of thing can take us to great heights. Step out of your little box and dream big. There are many people becoming wealthy due to saving slowly and investing that money in the correct places. The money alone does not make you wealthy. Information, your approach with money, and the way you handle it will make you wealthy.

Written by: Adolfo Marrero


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