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Water Comes Clean - The World's Need For Safe, Drinkable Water


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Water is a naturally recycled product.

From evaporation to precipitation, it is continuously in flux. It is channeled by the atmosphere from lakes and streams and oceans, absorbed by clouds and generously redistributed across the planet. But water's natural recycling process does not protect it from pollution.

As water is channeled, it collects toxins floating in the atmosphere. These toxins are the result of natural pollutants and human industry, a potentially lethal combination that makes clean water a serious topic for nations across the globe.

Some people might think that wealthy countries are immune to dirty water. But in the United States alone over seven million people every year are sickened by contaminated tap water, and over 40% of America's rivers do not meet clean water standards. Fortunately, the U. S. has the awareness and ability to fix these problems. Sadly, we see them unresolved year after year.

For countries that lack wealth and an educated population, the problem is strikingly more severe. In parts of Africa and India, polluted water contributes to disease, hunger and poverty. It is an international issue, though, as the world moves closer to a global economy, and those with proper resources and industry must help those in need.

In response to these issues, numerous clean water groups have become non-profit organizations that provide valuable assistance and information. One important group is Global Water. Global Water works in poor countries and builds water systems with effective sanitation technology. They provide the public with the informational resources to help them avoid disease and other dirty water ailments. Their website provides a list of their services and locations, as well as interesting and important clean water solutions.

The United States passed the Clean Water Act in 1972. This overwhelmingly bipartisan bill assured that all of the country's plants, animals, and people would have clean water. In 2003, aspects of the bill were scrutinized, limited, and altered. However, fervent effort is now in place to reform the bill and expand its warranty and reconstitute its natural scope.

Among the many environmental issues we currently face, clean water is one of the oldest, most serious, and certainly one of the more important. If we invest in clean water, the international population will grow into a healthy and thriving community. Economically, clean water is a wise investment. Environmentally, it is an imperative step. And on a personal level, clean water for everyone is an inalienable right.

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