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Composting Saves Everyone Money


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If you spend any time at all in nature you will quickly notice that nature takes care of itself. Everything that dies is incorporated back into the environment in a short amount of time. There are natural checks and balances that allow nature to keep functioning in an equilibrium where nothing is wasted and nothing is gained. Of course, a natural disaster will disturb or even destroy the equilibrium, but a short while later, a new, different equilibrium will be established and the disaster is forgotten. In actual fact, it is only humans that call them “disasters" because they cause us major problems, where as nature welcomes them as a way to rejuvenate. Forest fires; for example, are a normal part of a healthy forest. We humans do not like forest fires, so we stop them from happening. This causes a buildup for organic matter in forests and eventually we have a real doozy of a forest fire to make up for the all the little ones that we foiled. The point being, we have found a way to foil the equilibrii of nature and structure things in a ways that are convenient to us.

Take, for instance, the massive piles of garbage that we have in our civilized nations. Researchers have found that big cities and large animal-raising facilities waste enormous amounts (tons) of natural resources every day. This valuable resource is then shipped away to some place and thrown in a pile or thrown into a lake or the ocean. Not only that, huge amounts of money are spent on the handling, transport, treatment, and discarding of this waste. Then, after this “waste" begins to contaminate the environment we spend huge amounts of money on clean-up efforts. What's the alternative? Spend money on a solution to the problem rather than spending money on haphazardly getting rid of the organic waste and then spending money on the cleanup efforts. In short, compost the natural resources.

It would have to be a municipal or state initiative and it could (no exaggeration) change the world if enough of the world is on board. Here's how I imagine it working. Giant compost facilities should be built in major urban centers and near any place that generates a large amount of compostable material. These compost facilities buy the organic material from the cities and animal raising compounds who want to get rid of it. The composting process creates humus which is then sold to farmers to use in their fields. The farmers can then reduce their reliance on artificial fertilizers that pollute our world and possibly cause genetic mutation in humans (the effects of which we will not see for at least 2 generations).

Obviously, these problems require a multi-faceted approach, but composting can be one of those facets. The difficulty with making changes at the government level is that there are a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of red tape slowing down change. For the individual, like you and me, change can happen in one day. Today you can be throwing organic waste into the garbage and literally tomorrow you can be composting it.

If you want to learn more about composting toilets or just composting in general visit my website and join the movement to reduce, reuse and compost!


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