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Protecting the Environment - Carbon Footprints Explained


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A crucial part of being human is to protect our surroundings, not only for ourselves but for the people around us and for future generations. One of the greatest concerns that we have for our environment and our future generations is global warming. Global warming is a hot topic not only for environmentalists but also for politicians who are trying to do more and more each day to raise awareness regarding global warming as well as looking for solutions. However, politicians and environmentalists are not the only people who can help, every individual can by reducing his or her carbon footprint in the world. What is a Carbon footprint you may ask? This can be defined as the mass distribution of greenhouse gases that is released into the atmosphere and this amount of greenhouse gas is then measured in carbon dioxide units. Every human being, as well as animal, have all left their carbon footprint and we are leaving ours every day that we walk this Earth. However, if you are environmentally conscience or just want to help out the Earth by reducing your carbon footprint, there are four easy steps that you can take in order to achieve a healthier Earth. You do not have to participate in all four but let's say the more you do, the more you help. Below you will find the four steps to reducing one's carbon footprint and making a healthier world.

The first step to reducing a carbon footprint is to eat local cultivations. Why you may ask? If you are buying cultivation from other countries or from across your country those items must be shipped and a large amount of pollution is distributed into the atmosphere. Local items reduce on travel and therefore reduce the affects of pollution. You can even think of creating your own vegetable and fruit garden, this would be even better! You would have zero risks of releasing pollution since you do not have tot ravel to the store for these items and they are not being shipped, you know exactly what's being put on them (lot's of cultivations use pesticides and other chemicals) and it could be a fun a new activity for you!

The second step to reducing carbon footprints is to support the companies that are finding new ways to create oxygen. These companies are not always supported yet they are doing a wonderful thing and need the support. Even small donations to these companies can go a long way. Plus you will be able to right it off when tax season comes by. Or for those companies that have released environment safe products you should buy them in support of reducing your carbon footprint and you can promote and recommend these products to the people you know.

The next step is to use energy efficient products such as light bulbs. We also use energy everyday but there are also ways to reduce these uses such as turning lights off when not in use or not using them when not necessary.

The final step is one of the most important. Plant a tree! By planting trees, the tree absorbs the carbon dioxide and converts it into new and fresh oxygen.

If you are worried about your carbon footprint, you now have the steps necessary to reduce them and live in a healthier world!

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Carbon Emissions How to Measure and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
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