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Green Energy in Your Backyard Right Now - Save Money and the Planet


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Melting ice caps, air pollution, animal extinction, forest denudation, climate change. The litany of reasons for more and more individuals and households to develop a more environmentally conscious lifestyle is endless.

Part of the global strategy towards making the earth more livable for the present and future generations is the development of green power or the development of environment friendly energy sources. This means relying less and less on non-renewable or depleting fossil fuel resources or the gradual independence from petroleum in the production of electricity. As an alternative, environment friendly energy sources such as solar and wind power need to be developed.

Online resources for the environment such as provides a variety of ideas on how you can best participate in the green power revolution by using alternative energy sources. Earth for energy is pushing for every households’ independence from the commercial power grids that charge us exorbitantly high rates for electricity that is sourced in manners damaging to our environment. Thus, earth4energy makes resource and guide books, giving detailed instructions on how you can cut yourself away, one light bulb after another, from the commercial power grid and transform your home into one powered by green energy or renewable energy. These resources advocating the use of solar and wind power are available online and ready to be downloaded.

Unlike fossil fuel and petroleum, solar energy is something that the earth has in abundance for as long as this planet remains in constant rotation and revolution around the sun. What's more, sunshine is free! Earth for energy explains how installing your own solar panels at home can be relatively easy. In many cases, it is also encouraged to use these solar panels as alternatives to glass windows.

Earth for energy also allows and encourages online visitors to explore the possibility of installing their own windmills at home. Windmills gather energy from the wind, and for as long as they turn energy is generated and, in the same manner as solar panels, the energy generated can be transformed into electricity and stored in batteries.

The cost of putting up your own power resource at home is indeed a cause for concern. But earth 4 energy explains how these alternative energy sources can be built and made to function for as low as $200. This isn't really much especially when you begin to compute the amount that you can save once you cut your appliances off from the commercial power grid. Earth for energy insists you may be able to cut down on your electricity bill by as much as 80%. Better yet, if your utility provides such a mechanism, you can even sell excess electricity to your power utility. Amazing huh?

Saving up on your utility costs and stretching the dollar need not be that difficult as the resource book that earth for energy provides gives a detailed step by step illustrated instruction on how to make your home eco-friendly. That way, you are able to save those precious dollars for more important expenses and give your important share in saving our mother earth for the enjoyment of future generations.

Monica D Anderson knows how to save YOU a ton of money on your power bill. She is a strong advocate of the earth 4 energy guide , which teaches you (step by step) how to eliminate your power bill completely. Visit Monica's website right now to see how it's done.


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