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Cut Gas and Utility Expenses Now! Use Earth 4 Energy


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Gas prices are at historical highs. And just as everybody expected, the heated political arena gearing for the up and coming national elections is now giving due focus towards the short and long term answers to the soaring cost of gas and utility prices to entice the voters.

Both the Democrat and Republican standard bearers Barack Obama and John McCain have advocated an increased independence from the use of fossil fuel to a gradual shift towards the use of alternative energy as a long term solution to the oil and energy crisis. Both camps have vowed to support the development of wind and solar energy as an alternative power source, in consideration of the United States and the world's fast depleting fossil fuel resource. Certainly this is good news, but one that we won't be experiencing for a long time yet.

To date, there has been very limited development and use of renewable energy in the United States. In 2007, only 7% of the United States energy consumption was taken from renewable energy sources. Of this meager 7%, only 5% was sourced from wind power while 1% was sourced from solar energy. In California, electricity consumers have the option of paying a tad bit more than their usual bill in order to support efforts for the development of renewable energy power plants. But with just about everything going up, shelling out those extra dollars can be difficult especially when you're plagued by the rising cost of basic goods.

Indeed, with the precious and expensive oil, being a non-replenishing or non-renewable natural resource, the need to develop renewable energy and power sources is becoming urgent.

Earth for energy stresses on the need for individuals to harness the power from renewable sources in their own hands. An online resource for the ecologically conscious and the environment friendly, earth for energy hopes to spread awareness on the importance of getting involved in saving the earth's resources by developing backyard power sources such as windmills and solar panels.

Having your own windmill or solar panel in your own home or backyard can save you from your current virtual slavery to the commercial power grid. As earth for energy explains, having your own windmill built in the backyard can very well reduce your electricity expenses by as much as 80%. That certainly is a lot!

The website,, provides a good resource book which can be downloaded in pdf. This resource material will guide you to the step by step process of building and installing your own windmill or solar panel. And while many might immediately be discouraged by the cost that building a windmill would entail, think again. Earth for energy estimates the cost of building your own windmill to be just around the $200 margin. Certainly this is an investment worth getting into, especially since you can easily have your $200 back once you have those utility bills reduced.

This certainly is a good deal. Helping preserve the earth's natural resource while harnessing renewable energy for your household consumption. Not only are you saving up for your current expense, you are saving up for the future generations.

Monica D Anderson knows how to save YOU a ton of money on your power bill. She is a strong advocate of the earth 4 energy guide , which teaches you (step by step) how to eliminate your power bill completely. Visit Monica's website right now to see how it's done.


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