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The Future of the Energy Crisis is in Our Own Hands

RG Crosby

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With gas prices going through the roof, cost of living rising at an uncontrollable rate, natural resources being hastily depleted, global warming expanding multifold - we have much to be concerned about. But blaming the big oil companies for the current state of our energy reserves, personal costs, and quality of the earth is not going to help the situation. Nor is it their total responsibility. For years we have all taken for granted that this good old earth would provide for us without our having to do anything in return. We are finding out that it is most certainly not the case. And consumers are as much to blame as ‘big oil’.

Until we as individuals start taking personal responsibility for our selfish and wasteful overuse and abuse of this planet we will continue in this spiral of decline. We are putting the responsibility of our future and the future of our descendants on the doorstep of greedy conglomerates instead of finding ways of curbing our use and restoring this world we call home.

One great way to help with the energy crisis and save money on our utility bills is to create our own home made energy, whether it be wind or solar. If you look around the library or on the internet there are some great plans for creating wind turbines and solar panels. If every person cut only a small percentage of oil or coal produced energy used daily and replaced it with wind or sun, we would not only have a healthier planet, but we would leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren to appreciate. We would also be teaching them from the beginning how to save the planet from the use and abuse our own generation and those that preceded us have performed.

Until we grasp this energy crisis with both hands and begin to take responsibility for the future of this planet we have no right to point fingers - or blame others - for the excessive over-use of our natural resources and the rapidly rising cost of living. The future of the energy crisis is in our own hands, and we must make every effort to ensure the viability of life on this planet for future generations. It is our duty as the current custodians of the Earth.

A really good reference source for making you own energy at home and helping with this global crisis can be found at


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Peak Oil and the Looming Energy Crisis
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