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Four Easy Ways to Go Green


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Today, many people think they have to buy a hybrid automobile in order to go green. On the other hand, there are many other methods that are cheaper and far more efficient. In some cases, you may find that these methods will improve your health as well as help you save money.

Use Recycled Bags For Shopping

Today, many stores offer cloth bags for sale. Some stores will also give you anywhere from .02 to .05 cents discount each time you bring your own bags. Aside from this, you can purchase all kinds of canvas bags online. You may even find this is an ideal way to support your favorite charity, as well as advertise your interests while you are shopping.

Recycle Paper in the Office

Without a question, every business office can do more to recycle paper. As an example, chances are you receive tons of junk mail. At the same time, many of these letters are only printed on one side. You can cut these items up for scrap paper, or even use them in your photocopiers, printers, and plain paper fax machines. Aside from this, once each sheet of paper has no more use in your office, you can sell it to a paper recycling business.

Reduce Trash with Composting

If you want to go green, there is nothing quite like finding ways to reduce the amount of garbage you send to the landfill. Without a question, if you have enough room in your yard for a garden, then you can also compost your kitchen waste. In many cases, all you will need is a garbage pail with a tight fitting lid and some enzymes. Once the materials are sufficiently decayed, you can simply add them to your garden, and enjoy healthy plants in the bargain.

Reduce Meat Consumption

Many people feel that becoming a vegetarian is one of the best ways to go green. Among other things, producing one pound of meat causes more carbon dioxide to be pumped into the air than driving a car. At the same time, animals raised for meat consume an enormous amount of potable water. Aside from this, reducing meat consumption will also help lessen your exposure to all kinds of hormones, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals that are fed to animals in order to make them grow faster.

Even though it may take time and effort to go green, you will find a large number of financial and health related rewards. In some cases, you may even find that one “green" action will help you create a chain of beneficial activities. As an example, composting kitchen waste can help feed your garden, and reduce your reliance on harmful pesticides at the same time.

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