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Homemade Energy For the Future

RG Crosby

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If you have been led to believe, and continue to believe, that it is not possible to free yourself from the stranglehold of the utility companies, you have been very sadly mistaken. Homemade energy will be the new wave of the future. It MUST be for us to survive on this beautiful earth that is being so quickly depleted of its natural resources.

Big business and government (which is ALSO big business) have long been guilty of nay saying the importance of becoming less dependent on oil, coal, and natural gas for our energy. Of course they would say that, they are the ones that feel the trickle up from the excess income of these companies. Beginning in the fifties some forward-thinking scientists and inventors began revealing electric cars, wind turbines, and many other simple energy solutions. Our government stepped in and stopped the mass market of these inventions or denied the patents for the developers, thus rendering the plans and designs useless. No one was willing to mass market without the safety of a patent to protect their interests. And with the government against the entire alternative energy industry these plans were put on hold.

It has now come to the point that many Americans are going to have to change their beliefs and lifestyles in order to be able to survive comfortably into the future. These ideas that had been pushed into the closet for so long are now making a comeback in a big way. With petroleum being more than 38% of our natural energy usage in the United States alone, it is no wonder the price of oil continues to climb! Combine that with the 23% coal and 22% natural gas usage, the earth is being depleted of its natural resources faster than we can establish new methods of energy production. Solar and wind power combined only account for about 2% of our total energy usage. And these resources are renewable!

So what's the answer? Renewable energy sources. Homemade energy. Even without taking into account the global warming factor caused by the burning of fossil fuels, we are on a path of destruction. The time is now to find how to make your energy needs fit better with the earth's ability to provide. Clean, cost-free, pollution-free solar and wind power are the answer. And if you think it's too expensive - try thinking about what will happen if we, as inhabitants of the earth, don't start changing our habits and excesses. In the very near future we will not need to worry about our energy sources. Our homemade energy for the future may just be what the energy doctor ordered for this 3rd rock from the sun!

Start for little money and save the large utility bills for those who are not interested in helping the planet and their bank accounts. Home Made Energy For Today


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