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Prescription Drugs in Drinking Water - Four Facts You Must Not Ignore

Olivia Romero

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You've probably heard a hundred times about the high level of water contamination caused by industrial pollutants over the last several decades. But now environmental scientists are telling us that prescription drugs in drinking water are becoming a new threat to our health. By the time you finish reading this you are going to have four, eye-opening facts about drugs in the drinking water you must not ignore.

Fact #1 - The EPA and the National Geological Survey have verified the presence of prescription drugs in drinking water.

Samples from numerous water supplies from around the country have turned up trace amounts of drugs such as anti-depressants, antibiotics, contraceptives and caffeine. Since everything that passes through our bodies eventually ends up in our water supplies, it only stands to reason that all the medications that are taken on a daily basis in this country will make their way into our drinking water.

Since we have a finite supply of water on this planet, it has to be continually recycled and reused. As such, there is a high probability of exposure to these waterborne pharmaceuticals.

Fact #2 - At the present time, the long term health effects of drugs in the drinking water are unknown.

Despite the lack of information about how we can expect these drugs to effect us, medical science is mainly concerned about the creation of “super bugs" from prolonged exposure to even low levels of antibiotics. The experts studying this issue are worried that these super microorganisms could become resistant to antibiotic treatment. If doctors can't fight the sickness caused by these super bugs, many people could suffer and perhaps, die.

Fact #3 - Most of our municipal water treatment facilities are not presently equipped to remove prescription drugs in drinking water.

A vast majority of city water systems still use chlorine as their main method for treating water. Chlorine is a chemical disinfectant and not a filter, so it can do nothing to remove drugs in the drinking water. This means that our home water resources are at risk.

Fact #4 - It is possible to do something, right now, to protect you and your family from the potentially harmful effects of prescription drugs in water.

You should know that there are plenty of efficient, home water purification systems available that are quite capable of removing drugs in the water. The most effective are those that use a multi-stage filtration system. Multi-stage filters are specifically developed to remove SOCs (synthetic organic chemicals). Prescription drugs are made up of SOCs.

In addition to removing drugs in drinking water, home water purification systems are effective at removing all other contaminants that are commonly found in our water supplies. They are also great at producing pleasant-tasting, mineral balanced water.

You may be surprised to find a wide selection of purification products that range from drinking water filter dispensers, to shower filters, to whole house filter systems. The specific purification needs of any household can easily be met, affordably and conveniently.

Make no mistake about it. We can't sit around, waiting to find out how these drugs are going to impact our health. These four facts about prescription drugs in drinking water must not be ignored.

Article authored by Olivia Romero - - “There are many important reasons why we need clean, healthy water but there's one which has to rank as the most important of all"


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Drugs in Our Drinking Water - Real Facts You Need to Know!
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