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Easy Tips to Help Save the World Project Green, So Easy You Could Do It!


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Global Warming is increasing and the responsibility falls on us to stop it. Every time we use our car, an electronic item or even have a barbecue in our backyard we are unknowingly adding to global warming.

Global warming isn't just adding few degrees to the temperature. It has a long term negative effect on the whole ecosystem around us. It's about melting ice that has increased the water level of our oceans and reducing the fertile farmlands that is decreasing the food production and increasing the overall food price around the world. It's just not about change in temperature but it's about the whole unbalanced change in our lifestyle.

Global warming is going to have an effect on every individual living on this planet, and it's our duty that to control our daily lifestyle habits to help control this threat. Below is five basic points that can help contribute to preserving our planet.

Conserve Electricity

Conserving Electricity and wise use of electrical appliances is the most basic technique you can use to control global warming. There are many possible ways you can conserve electricity without interfering in your daily lives. Turn off lights, appliances and other electrical items when not in use. Always buy energy saving appliances. Open your doors and windows rather than using the air-conditioner. Use energy efficient light bulbs in places of traditional bulbs.

Save Water

Water is precious. This is known fact and saving water and its resources can help control global warming. Try to reduce the use of water in washing your car, your backyard or in other daily activities. Use water properly and efficiently. You can also install rain water collecting tanks which can collect rain water and later use them in other outdoor activities. Always try to fix the leaky and dented water supply pipes. Saving a few drops of water today can help you save the whole earth in longer period of time.

Always Recycle:

One single piece of cardboard milk box takes a whopping five years to convert into a landfill. So, it is better to reuse and recycle it for other purposes. One of the simplest things you can be doing is recycling cans and bottles. There are always ways you can reuse them for other purposes.

Avoid Plastic

Use cardboard boxes instead of plastic dustbins; reduce the use of plastic tools and equipments. Rescue your newspaper, magazines and junk mail. Never throw them away simply because they are old. Consult your local city office on what options they offer for recycling. Reduce the use of disposable products, like plastic plates, napkins and cups. You can use washable items that can be used over and over again.

Go Green

Try to build a backyard garden. You don't need a huge landscape to get things going. Plant some trees around your house. Your few small steps towards saving the earth can send a strong message towards your friends and relatives and they can also be motivated to help in your efforts. Always remember only the collective collaboration from all human beings can help create a better and greener tomorrow.

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