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Plugging Into Green Energy


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Have you ever sat back and thought why are my energy bills going up? Can I do anything about them, or am I stuck on an endless routine of trying to track down the cheapest companies and hoping I can lock myself in at the lowest cost going? And if you can do that what sort of difference in price will be waiting to get you when you aren't in that comfort zone of knowing what your next bill is likely to cost?

The world is constantly going through massive changes, but never has so much of it been down to mankind than since the industrial revolution, in the last 130 years the levels of Co2 in the atmosphere is said to have risen by 30% and the levels of methane, in a large part down to livestock, has risen by 145%. Through out history there has always been some form of climate change i. e. the changes caused by, and causing, the start and end of the ice ages, but now a large part of the changes are down to our ever increasing needs for food and energy.

Our reliance on energy for almost everything we do is seeing a rapid depletion of fossil-fuels, and this is set to accelerate over the coming years with developing nations requiring more and more to sustain their fledgling economies. Couple this with the fact that these nations have to use old, and often very ‘unclean', methods to generate the energy they need, and we are causing more pollution than would be necessary if alternatives were brought online.

This increase in power consumption has also seen a dramatic rise in the so called ‘greenhouse gases', in particular Co2, being released into the atmosphere. These gases have become widely acknowledged as a major contributor to ‘global warming', which in turn has been blamed for the melting of the polar ice caps and also causing the recent sever weather changes.

So, what's the answer? Can we reconcile our increasing energy needs with reducing our rapidly rising power bills? Can we help to combat climate change at the same time? The answer is we can. There are steps we can take to use renewable sources of energy and cut the amount of fossil-fuels being consumed.

Amongst the options being considered as alternatives to conventional forms of generating energy are wind turbines and solar power. For a long time solar power was seen as being ‘a bit ‘70's’ and so expensive to install that you wouldn't see any appreciable return on investment in the near future. Whereas wind turbines require large ‘wind farms’ to create the power needed to keep a small town running. These wind farms are also massively unpopular because, generally, they have to be erected in the more picturesque areas of the country to be effective.

However most of those problems relate more to large scale energy production, and it is possible to generate your own power at a far lower cost than you probably thought possible. You don't have to have your own personal wind farm to get energy, a single strategically placed small wind turbine would do, but probably the most practical solution for the general population is solar power.

While getting a top of the range solar panel install will cost you a substantial amount, and may take several years to recoup the cost, it is possible to build your own for the price of a few new parts and some recycled components. For less than $100 you could build a solar panel and start saving on your bill within months.

It's not difficult, or even too expensive to go green, reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment. You can make a difference to climate change - and if enough people take the decision to change there could be a happier future in store after all.

Genevieve Landon is the creator of the Hubpage how you can beat energy cost with your own home made solar panels


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