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Non Environmentally Friendly California State Outlaws Non Chemical Usage in 2001


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I have taken it upon myself to inform the world public and United States citizens that just because a state or providence talks about being concerned with environmental issues it does not mean they really care or that they are active in bringing about needed environmental change.

There are many states in addition to California such as Hawaii where use of non-chemical pest devices are also outlawed. Most of these states also promote protection of the environment but in lieu of their alleged promotion of being environmentally concerned, their actions really support the chemical companies and the continued use of poisons as the only means of pest treatment recognized.

The laws prohibiting the use of non-chemical devices are said to be for the public protection from what may occur. They actually where supported and written as a preventative measure and funded by the chemical companies to protect the continued use and profit generated from sales.

Many laws of this type submitted for passage are usually struck down because they are based on fears of what may happen but has never actually occurred. However when laws like this are proposed with large money funding and donations, support for passage is greater. The public in America does not vote on these types of laws.

Below are excerpts from a California Department of Pesticide Notice. Complete reference At: State website www.cdpr. ca. gov/docs/registration/canot/ca00-7.htm

As of July 1, 2001, it was officially unlawful to sell, possess, or use a structural pest control device in California, unless it is registered by DPR.

Structural pest control devices are defined in Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) Section 15300(a) as
". any method, instrument, or contrivance intended to be used to prevent, eliminate, destroy, repel, attract, or mitigate any wood destroying pest, but does not include firearms, pesticides as defined in FAC Section 12753, or equipment used for the application of pesticides when sold separately from a pesticide. "

The device technologies that will be impacted by the structural pest control device program currently include those that utilize microwave, electrical, and thermagation (heat) treatments to control termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants, etc. (End of Excerpt)

In Plain English the items outlawed for use are the only available non-chemical devices in use at the time of law enactment July 1, 2001. Additionally the items outlawed are for treatment of wood destroying pests only. These are pests that regularly are treated with the poison gas Vikane or Bromide during whole structure fumigation. These poison gases are associated with the damaging of the ozone layer and other adversities of our earth's atmosphere. When poisoning occurs to living life by these gases there is no antidote. Treatment of Termites with these poison gases is the most costly monetary expense of all pest treatments performed by private and commercial property owners.

An item that should be noted is that the States of California as well as Hawaii have a law forbidding the use of a non-chemical pest device for treatment of Termites unless first approved by the states department of pesticide regulation. Neither of these states have an approval procedure or effective protocol in place to review and/or approve any alternative pest devices. Because of this, neither of these States has approved any non-chemical treatment alternatives. I find it ironic that these States do however have the means to fully enforce this one sided bias regulation.

In conclusion, the outlawing of the use of non-chemical alternatives has crippled the advancement of science and research that was once evident and contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

With the passage of these types of self-destructive laws, it is no wonder the world today, is still totally dependent on fossil fuels.

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