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Importance of Trees

Vinay Rana

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A small seed becomes a big Tree, gives shed in summer and in winter all of the leaves of the Tree falls down to indirectly provide us more sunlight and the atmosphere becomes more warm.
Flower on threes give joyfulness to us. Fruits satisfy our hunger.

They (Trees) always take away polluted air (Carbon Dioxide) from the environment and in return they give fresh, purified oxygen.

Tree provide home to the Birds, Animals and Human Beings also.

Some tree have medicinal values also, their every part starting from the roots to the top are full of medicinal values, Neem (Botanical Name: Azadirachta Indica) is a very famous tree and best example of this.

Trees help in controlling temperature of the environment. You have noticed that the place where there are trees, are much more cooler and hygienic for living. That's why people prefer to spend their life in regions which are away from concrete jungle of cities Like New York, New Delhi, Tokyo, Mumbai, London, Cairo and all other big cities.

Deforestation is normal these days, this is creating a lot of problems. Some of the hazards from deforestation are as follow:

1) Soil Erosion: The trees help in keeping the soil intact with their roots but when there is lot of cutting of trees, the soil is washed away with water during the rains. And during floods the it creates havoc. Due to soil erosion the water level also falls down.
2) Pollution: Trees help in controlling the pollution in the air and if their are no trees, we have to face more air pollution.
3) Lack of Pure Oxygen
4) Environmental Imbalance
5) Imbalance in the Food Chain of the Ecosystem.
6) Global Warming is becoming a major problem these days due to this. Due to this Glaciers are melting and the Sea Level is rising day by day. This is indirectly creating lot of environmental problems.


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