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Homemade Wind Generators Why Buy When You Can DIY?


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Why Buy Commercial Wind Generators?

Of course you could buy a $25,000 wind generator and get off the grid, but it's going to take 25 years to pay for itself. Why pay that amount when you can make a homemade wind generator for $50? So which would you rather have, one wind generator that takes 25 years to pay for itself, or one wind generator that takes 1 year to pay for itself? If you have some DIY in your veins, the answer is clear. Homemade wind generators not only pump out current they are a blast to make! Homemade doesn't mean noisy and ugly, with some good plans you can make some really nice wind generators that pump out commercial current.

You Can DIY Yourself Off The Electirc Grid

I wouldn't rely on wind generators alone. I have seen some air foils that pump out in 2-3 MPH winds, these units are noisy and clunky though, but worth keeping an eye on. I mean if the wind ain't blowin', your TV ain't glowin’. So what do you do? Well, you can couple technology. How does a solar powered gondola sound, and what about bio diesel? Companies literally throw away their used oil. Used oil alone could heat your entire house for the winter. Some savvy companies have converted their shops to burn used oil for heat. That's like a double whammy for use and efficiency on the companies part. So what's stopping you from doing the same? Nothing really, with a little ingenuity you can get off the electric grid, and even pump some spare electricity back into the grid. When you get to that point the electric companies start paying you. If you want to go completely green, look into wind and solar with bio diesel as a backup. Getting energy from the Earth, without destroying it, is truly an admirable goal, that is achievable. So go DIY yourself up some homemade electricity, it's admirable and fun!

How to get your house off the grid using homemade wind generators

Plans that show you how to DIY a homemade wind generator for $50.


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Homemade Plans to Build a Homemade Wind Turbine
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