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Computer Recycling And Conservation By The Electronics Industries Alliance

Saman Rashid

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Better to recycle than dump old computers

People normally discard their outdated electronic equipment including obsolete computers. While the technology may have become obsolete, the computers and other electronic equipment may still be of use to others. If not, and disposal is inevitable, it's better to recycle these computers recycling rather than just discarding them.

Vibrant Second hand market for old computers

It's estimated that a person will keep their laptop for just 3 years before deciding to buy a new one. Cell phones, on the other hand, are generally replaced and disposed of within 24 months. Most electronic equipment including computers, printers, monitors and other peripherals can be refurbished, recycled or donated to schools and charities.

For some electronic equipment, there is second-hand market, particularly for items such as laptop computers, digital cameras and cell phones. These devices can be quickly sold off at considerable value.

The Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA)

The Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) companies have created numerous programs which help in recycling computers and other electronic equipment. These programs are designed specifically to help people by giving back to the community and charities.

Many schools, charities, underprivileged citizen groups and church programs benefit from these programs. They help both the environment and the community. You can also receive tax benefits when old computers are donated to charities or such programs. To find out more about charities that need old but functional computers, search the Internet or inquire about them at your local county offices.

Many computer parts can be recycled

Many parts of computers can be recycled and used in other products. Theses companies will recycle the glass, plastic and metals and use them for their next generation of equipment. This helps them to lower their manufacturing costs as well. Its time that people become responsible and accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to computer recycling.

It's very important that people recycle their electronic and computer equipment, rather than just dispose of these devices in a land fill. Many of the computer parts include toxic substances such as mercury and lead which can leach into underground water supplies.

When these elements leak from the computer and enter the land fill, it can have dangerous consequences for the environment. These elements can usually be recycled instead of just discarded.

Strict guidelines by lawmakers are becoming more common

Many of the EIA companies follow strict guidelines which have been laid down, to ensure that computer equipment causes minimal damage to the environment. Nevertheless, there are still many companies that are lax about recycling computers and electronics devices. They also outsource the recycling to countries where the laws for recycling aren't as stringent as they are in the states.

As state lawmakers and government become more and more aware of possible damage to the environment, they are enacting laws that are very specific and stringent about recycling and these directly relate to the disposal of electronic equipment and the hazardous materials that they contain. There are also many bans in effect, especially for equipment that contains mercury or lead. The European Union has also enacted new laws concerning computer recycling.

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Computer Recycling For Environmental Issues
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