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Save The Planet Your Way

Linda Lin

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You have seen the commercials and the advertisements, and you have seen that the whole world is on the bandwagon to save the planet. Everyone has a cause, a reason for living, a passion. Everyone has something they are parading for, marching for or protesting against. And there you sit, in your living room, not being a part of any of it.

Yet, sometimes you feel a little guilty for not helping to save the planet. You wonder, hmm, should I do my part too? What is my part, anyway?

No worries, the solution is right in front of you. There are ways that you can help save the planet right there, where you are where you live. And there is one very practical, inexpensive way that you can do more than your share to save the planet. These are things that you can do today, right now in your own neighborhood.

  • As you walk along the street, pick up litter (pick up clean litter, not tissues or things with bodily fluids on them).
  • Stop donating money to people on the street. Donate, if you want to, only when you go to the corporations. By not supporting people who live on the sidewalks and in the streets, you are helping to stop drug and alcohol abuse and you are helping to stop people from freezing to death on the streets in winter.
  • Do recycling instead of throwing objects in the trash.
  • Donate, if you must, to places like the Red Cross or The United Way.
  • Volunteer with that program that brings people to read to the blind.
  • Start a scholarship fund! That is right. Begin a scholarship fund for someone, for some group of people. Promote education and pass that gift along to everyone.
  • When you see children crossing the street alone, be sure and make sure they do it safely. By saving lives you are indeed saving the planet. Look out for your neighbors child while your neighbor is at work. By watching after latchkey children, you are doing more than your share of saving our planet. These children are our future.
  • Another way you can help save this planet is by helping your neighbors. Yes, that is right. Helping our neighbors is helping to save the planet. The more we do for others, the more others do for the planet. You would be surprised what happens when you do what the movie promoted; do your own Pay It Forward
Now, last but not least, is a very personal way that you can help save the planet. This you do in your own home and in your own time. It should not cost any money to you and it might even save money. Redo your home or apartment with portable, little furniture. You save the planet by using small, portable furniture because you do not have to use large moving vans to move your furniture every time you move. That saves energy, money and saves gas. That is one way to help save the planet and it is a way that no one promotes. Yet, it is just as productive as some other ways. Donate all your used books and toys to a women's shelter. Donate all your used cellular phones to the program that gives them away free to victims of violence. Everything you donate will be put to good use. So, these are various ways to save the planet. LIttle by little, bit by bit, you can do your part in whichever way feels most comfortable to you.

Here are some useful and interesting links:

I hope that some of these ideas are helpful to you at some time in your life.

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