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What Went Wrong With Our Environment


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The earths most vulnerable point is the atmosphere and of course this is the first thing we struck with our pollutants.

When the world started developing many factories and power plants were built attacking our planets atmosphere with toxic smoke.

Our developing world thought that it was successful but way up where it could not see it was thickening the atmospheric layer, this holds in infrared radiation that would normally be able to go out into space.

This infrared radiation heats up the planet with the greenhouse effect causing what we call global warming.

Many people think that global warming is just one of the earths natural heating and cooling cycles, but by studying core samples from glaciers we can see how hot it was and how much carbon was in the air when this ice froze. Once the samples are analyzed and organized it is quite obvious that global warming is a lot worse then the earths natural heating and cooling cycles. For example in the documentary’ An Inconvenient Truth', Al Gore stated that “In the earths natural heating and cooling cycles the carbon count never exceeded 300 parts per million but the current carbon count is up to around 1,000 parts per million".

Science textbooks now have to be re-written due to global warming as it used to be impossible to have a hurricane in the South Atlantic because the waters were too cold, now with global warming the first ever South Atlantic hurricane occurred in 2005, and that is only one example.

What is the Solution?

The only solution is to cut down carbon emissions or to stop emitting carbon all together because in all of history the graphs of carbon count and of temperatures have practically mirrored each other.

This will mean using more sustainable power sources and planting more and more plants to absorb some of the carbon that we have already put into the atmosphere.

No matter how we decide to go about this we have to act fast because if just half of Greenland and all of West Antarctica melt sea levels will raise 6 metres and we will see destruction and devastation from flooding in many of the worlds great coastal cities as we have already seen in New Orleans.

And if the current carbon emissions continue the carbon count will exceed 2,000 parts per million by 2050.

'An Inconvenient Truth', Al Gore

*NOTE* This Document Was A Year 8 Society and Environment Assignment That I completed in 2007
This Assignment was Awarded 100%


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