The Growth of Electronics Recycling

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Electronics IT recycling Chicago involves the recycling or the reuse of computers or any other electronic devices; as early as the year 2007, the United States Environment Protection Agency would report that that people were trading for replacement more than 63 million computers or simply discarding them. Five years later in 2012, only about 15 percent of all electronic devices were being recycled in the United States with the rest finding their way to landfills or being incinerated; this would release poisonous materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium into the soil, groundwater, and atmosphere, thus having a negative impact on the environment. By employing the best E-waste IT asset recycling Chicago for materials used in computer hardware can help to recover materials for use in future production.

The reuse of materials such as tin, silicon, and iron, aluminum and variety of plastics that are present in bulk in computers or other electronics has greatly contributed to the reduction of costs associated with the construction of new systems. IT asset disposal Chicago enables for the harvest of components such as golf, lead, copper and other valuable materials. Some of the possibilities that exist in respect to your old computers and other electronic equipment once they have been dropped off for recycling may include the computer components being reused by a charity or school but more than 90% of the products will end up being recycled with most domestically processed glass being recycled.

During IT asset disposal Chicago, the plastic housing and the glass will get recycled; the plastic will be ground to minute pieces before it gets recycled for use in various items such as retaining blocks and pothole mix. Circuit boards chips and other parts can be reused to repair or upgrade older electronics or recycled for their scrap value while the metal components will be separated and sold for their scrap value. The best part of IT asset disposition Chicago is the fact that a great deal of computer equipment will become upgraded to manufacture a newer product; there are companies that offer credit towards the purchase of new electronic equipment when you return what you don’t use anymore.

Currently, it is estimated that close to 3 million tons of E-waste IT asset recycling Chicago that is available with the bulk of it being computers an televisions that people discard annually; this also includes no less than 150 million cell phones that get retired annually even as people upgrade to newer versions. When you consider the fact that there is an overwhelming supply of newer, better and faster electronic products in the market, you can see the reason why people are continually replacing older electronic models. This is the reason IT asset disposal Chicago has gone on to become the fastest growing stream of waste and there is no sign that the trend is about to change any time soon. ITAD Chicago enables the recovery of materials from old electronics which can thereafter for the manufacture of newer electronic products; the precious metals recovered are used in computer circuit boards and other electronic components, these products reduce the need to mine the earth for new raw materials.


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