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Environment & News Article Category
Articles about or concerning Environment.
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New Stationery Trend Going Green

 Uday Patel (January 07, 2019)  It is not a trend really it is an awakening after recent phenomena of climate change that is affecting the whole World. If are developing a lifestyle where in the consumption pattern is fast depleting our Earthly resources consuming our green lungs that is the forests. Affecting our climate and the environment than a wise move is to go green and develop a consumption pattern that is .. (Environment)

Let's Discuss Electronics Recycling

 Lora Davis (April 14, 2018)  Computers are downright amazing, aren't they? The trouble is that digital technology moves so quickly that our devices – computers, laptops, tablet, cell phones – are often outdated before they even hit the stores! So, what do we do with all of the outdated devices we end up with? We certainly cannot hold on to all of our cast-offs! Before you know it, there would be no room . (Environment)

The Growth of Electronics Recycling

 Lora Davis (September 03, 2016)  Electronics IT recycling Chicago involves the recycling or the reuse of computers or any other electronic devices; as early as the year 2007, the United States Environment Protection Agency would report that that people were trading for replacement more than 63 million computers or simply discarding them. Five years later in 2012, only about 15 percent of all electronic devices were .. (Environment)

Few of Your Computer Recycling Options

 Lora Davis (June 04, 2016)  In today’s high-tech world, conveyor belts are busy rolling out millions of electronic products that have taken all communication and life to such unfathomable and unimaginable heights. The greatest challenge is that most of these products, especially electronics and computers contain a certain amount of toxic materials that pose a threat to the environment especially when they .. (Environment)

Why we need to take e-waste seriously

 Michelle Symonds (November 12, 2015)  The only way to truly grasp the urgent need to make a more serious effort to recycle electronic gadgets and electrical equipment is to fully understand the environmental impact of e-waste. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), commonly known as e-waste, comprises any item powered by electricity or by a battery such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, printers, TVs, MP3 .. (Environment)

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