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About the wind turbines

Uday Patel

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Wind turbines are power generation machineries that enable wind farm in their task. With harmful effect and depletion of fossil fuels becoming evident new energy sources are needed. The scientists seek renewable or environmental friendly energy sources urgently for public consumption.

The turbines are used to generate electrical power and the establishment is known as wind mill or wind farm. These are grid connected arrays which produce substantial energy. The wind mills are deployed in places where substantial wind movement is there.

The commercial usage of wind farms is becoming widespread and is one of the reliable safe and green sources. The development of these generators has taken place since ages. Today the turbines are used for much other purpose depending upon the quantum of power required. But the major uses are in wind farms all over the World.

James Blyth invented the first electricity generating turbine in the year 1877. Charles Brush invented the first automatically operated wind turbine in Cleveland USA. Subsequently many other types of wind machines were developed.

In the first step the machine is used to produce mechanical energy than subsequently electrical power. This is then known as wind charger or generator. Most of the wind mill devices are used to produce electrical power in the World. These machines rotate on either horizontal or vertical axis and are hence named as such.

Horizontal machines or HAWT contain the rotor and the generator at the top of the tower. They are placed pointing towards the wind direction. Very accurate placement of the blades is required in this type of machine.

Vertical Axis Design or VAWT are the one where in the main rotor is arranged vertically as the name suggests. In this case it is not required to point the blades in the wind direction. In this system there is no need for the tower and the generator and the gear box are place on the ground. But such systems have disadvantages also hence are used in specific conditions.

The turbines have many components associated with it for example planetary gearbox required for generating electricity. There are many sub types and are manufactured in many size depending upon the application. These are the best source of alternative energy in the World. Hence much in demand as further development in power generation equipments takes place.

The turbines are made all over the World but USA, Europe and India dominate the manufacturing scenario.

Uday writes on alternative energy generation using wind turbines. He also writes on wind turbine installtion in India. Uday writes engineering and technology often.


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