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Do We Need Renewable Energy Solutions?


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Seem suprising that I ask that? Well we do see it all over the media that the climate is shot to pieces. Every day we have a fuel crisis where it's either too expensive or we haven't got any left. Solutions that get proposed seem to frighten more than put anyone's mind at rest (try Chernobyl). Amongst that scaremongering are there and facts and figures that let us work out where we actually are with this?

OK, the bad news is that by 2056 there will be no fossil fuels left. The oil wells will be dry by the middle of the century. This is not good news, because whilst it may not effect us, the generations that follow are going to want heat and light and warmth and energy to do all of the things we take for granted today. What is their option going to be?

Now, to be honest, David Hume says we'll never run out. But I place little trust in a man who's been dead for over 230 years. I mean after all, back then we didn't have the consumption that we have now. Heck, we didn't even have cars, let alone trains and jet planes. No, I don't think David Hume is a good yardstick to judge the energy crisis on.

But if you really need proof that the world has an energy problem, just take a look at all the wars that have essentially been fought over this very problem. Oh, make no mistake about it. All that hubbub in the Middle East is about one thing and one thing onlyoil. And the US knows that it's days are numbered as far as relying on other sources for oil. As a result, we're in bit of a panic mode right now.

That's just for starters. We could make lists of issues and problems cause by the reliance on traditional energy sources, but I think you get the idea. There is a need to change direction and rethink how we power everything, or we're going to have serious problems.

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An Untapped Reservoir of Renewable Energy - What is Solar Energy?
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