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Why Renewable Energy Solutions?


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This question may look weird because everyone is aware that renewable energy solutions are needed. The planet's reserves of oil aren't inexhaustible. Just like some endangered species are at risk of becoming extinct, the oil will be consumed. Most likely we will we ran out of it in a few decades. If you didn't know this was such a big deal, I will be lighting you up a little.

The beloved planet we live on, will have no oil resources by 2056. At least that's what some brainy men think. You may check it out on the net if you don't think it's true. Anyhow, I won't be probably alive by then. But many kids, maybe even our own will still be alive. What will happen then? We will pray to God to have mercy?

Still, David Hume said that the world will always have oil. Of course, when he was alive, back in the 18th century people didn't consumed oil in the quantity that they do know. They didn't even had cars or trains. So I don't think we should trust someone who has been dead for more than 230 years.

His words shouldn't be taken for granted regarding this crisis that expands.

If you are not convinced and you need real facts to believe that the planet has such a big problem, pay attention at the fights that took place over the oil problem. The disorder that is happening in the Middle East is regarding to this important resource of oil. USA is aware of its importance and that is why they are so alarmed.

Only for this reasons, even though there are many many more, we must pay more attention to the renewable sources of energy. If we don't do that, there are high chances that we will make fire by striking stones like our ancestors.

I am usually very skeptical of things like this, but I have to admit that in THIS case, this is the real deal. It's about time. Review Of DIY Power System


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An Untapped Reservoir of Renewable Energy - What is Solar Energy?
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