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Utilities - Alternative Energy


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We tend not to think about where our energy comes from, but in recent times we have become more aware about our energy use.

The majority of our electricity is generated through power stations that utilise coal as a fuel source. However, recent concerns about the condition of the planet - as well as rising energy bills - have sparked an interest in alternative energy.

With many of us dependent on gas and electricity for everyday living, the rising cost of utilities is a subject that hits rather a sore spot whenever it's mentioned.

With spiralling costs as a result of the credit crunch affecting every household, many are now looking to alternative methods to help reduce their gas and electricity prices.

Sales of energy-saving appliances - such as eco-kettles and dryer balls - have increased as many of us look for solutions to our rising bills.

And it's not just inside the house that people are looking to make changes. Alternative energy generators, such as home wind turbine kits and solar panels, have seen a rise in popularity in recent times.

Energy generated from these external sources can be fed back into the property's power supply, or can be sold back to the grid in the form of a reduction on your bill.

As well as land-based methods of harvesting natural energy - such as wind farms and bio-fuel generators - technological advances have meant we can now look to the sea in order to generate cheap electricity.

Tidal turbines are powered by undersea currents and generate energy in much the same way as a wind turbine.

Because there is a constant water flow, the potential for feeding tidal power back into the countries’ energy supply can be seen as a good idea.

With growing uncertainty about energy prices and the rising cost of living, alternative energy remains a key talking point for both energy companies and environmentalists.

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