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Gas Price Relief Can You Really Run a Car on Water and Save Money?

Matthew Loop

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During my long journey to uncover a breakthrough way to save money on gas and substantially elevate fuel efficiency over the last 8 months, I've ran through so much identical information on many websites that intend on showing your the “tricks of the trade. " They all really point to similar tactics like don't hit the brakes as frequently, use slow acceleration, make sure the tires remain inflated, cruise whenever possible, carpool, etc. . . All of this has only created massive headaches in the minds of many people, including myself since many prefer not to drive like our grandparents!

The above strategies are, at best, trivial when they only amount to an extra couple miles per gallon. To me, that's no the “solution" I've been seeking or need. Personally, I felt that there must have been a truly better way to actually watch my trip odometer and visualize a major difference every time in the car. Well, needless to say, I certainly found what I was looking for and I could not believe how simple it was.

While having my nose in the books and digging deep on the internet, I cam across a couple sites that guaranteed I could do a water car conversion on my car or truck. This essentially would make a water-fuel hybrid, which would allow me to double my gas mileage and have much cleaner emissions. I was a non-believer at first due to the programming I had received through the major media. I had no personal experience with this technology. I thought to myself, “Run my car on Water? This is utter BS. "

However, as the weeks continued to pass by, I found myself very desperate as I kept dishing out $65 on every fill-up at the gas pump. Many times I was at the gas station topping off two times a week! Now, I do pretty well for myself financially, but even so, I knew this had to stop. I felt I was playing the role of a victim and there was no excuse for this! I could be investing this money or doing something much more productive, I had reasoned.

Because a good friend pushed me, I eventually made the decision to view what this water car conversion system was all about. I researched it for a month and found a great deal of very convincing material. The odd thing was, it absolutely made sense after I had performed the research myself. I have a strong science background so I felt that I comprehended it at a higher level. That's when I made what I consider to be one of the best decisions of my life!

The cool thing is, you don't really combine water and gas then begin to fill-up your gas tank. What you're really doing is creating an easy conversion system in your engine bay that manufactures a little current from your battery which feeds into a small water reservoir. That's it!

Those that have an understanding concerning physics and chemistry know that in order to split water molecules at the atomic level, you must have an electrical current. The purpose of the current is to separate the H20 molecules into HHO gas. From there, this gas is then shuttled into your car's intake system. Finally, it's combined with your pre-existing air / fuel mixture to initiate an incredibly efficient burn for your car or trucks combustion apparatus.

In all honesty, the actual conversion is relatively easy. Go and pick-up the parts at your local hardware store and you'll see that they are typically no more than $100. This is a drop in the bucket, especially if you spend between $50-$100 at the gas station. The conversion usually takes about two hours to perform. If you are not mechanically inclined, find a mechanic and he can get the job done in an hour. The process is completely reversible so there is minimal risk of long term damage. Remember, any process that is reversible will not affect your warranty, as this tends to be a valid concern for many.

Be prepared after you finish the process because you will have a super efficient gas saver on your hands! In my personal experience, I went from 25MPG to around 45MPG, which is just about double. This simple conversion paid for itself in less than two months. Now, putting the extra money I'm banking toward my annual two-week trip to South America and investment portfolio! I'm very pleased with my decision to run my car on water and hydrogen and recommend it to all seeking a breather from paralyzing gas prices. Don't expect relief anytime soon from the middle-class crunch if you prefer to continue shelling out tons of cash.

- Matthew J. Loop, DC

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Water Fueled Car - How Much Money Can A Water Powered Car Save You?
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