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Aeroturbine Next Generation Wind Energy


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Aero turbines can be easily considered as the next generation of small-scale wind energy generation. As most of us are aware that installing a windmill on individual basis is not preferable because of both, cost and production efficiency, and that's why till now wind energy was limited to windy regions all over the world, other factors like noise pollution and dangers of bird killing made windmills non popular amongst many for the past 2 decades. But all this is about to change with the invention of Double-helix wind turbine, more commonly known as aero turbines. This invention of DR. Bill Becker of university Illinois & Chicago is down to earth and simple when it comes to design but the approach to harvest the wind energy is very efficient and cost effective. The propellers of these aero turbines look more like an electric beater then a blade, because these wind turbines are absolutely silent and not very large they can be easily placed on rooftops and fixed on windy edges of high raised buildings.

Aero turbines are caged in a pipe frame are light in weight, and slow moving wind energy generators so they do not propose any threat to wildlife, and work fine in heavy snow fall. Hence special zoning, code exemptions or high insurance rates are not required for installing these wind machines. With two different types of propellers infused in the same structure aero turbines are efficient starters and efficient producers, at the same time. The inner savonius wind blades are efficient starters, with low production rate and start working in wind speed as low as 6mph, no matter if the wind is gusting and irregular or non directional, while the outer Darius wind blades start working in high winds, though these blades are poor starter but efficient producers, and can continue to generate electricity up to 70 mph. , yet there unique design prevents them from a run away in high winds.

Aerotecture International has developed two models, 510V AND 520H with a production capacity of 1kw and 1.8kw respectively. The cost of these aero turbines is $15,000 for the 510V and $21,000 for 520H, which is quite high but is expected to reduce with mass production, but the simplicity of the design has actually made it possible for many to attempt and make one for personal use. Once the technology hits China, the cost should drop to as low as $ 1500 to $ 2000 a unit or may be even lower which is not bad for such a low maintenance wind turbine. It wont be a surprise to find these wind machines installed under the bridges or on the roof tops of urban sky scrapers, maybe railway stations or highways to full fill the never ending energy needs.

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Wind Power Generation
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