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Wind Generators Living Off the Grid


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The most effective start is wind generators living off the grid. There is no faster way to be up and running with renewable energy for your home. You don't need to buy one either, there is no need.

You can build a wind generator in only a few days that will rival any store bought model.

After living off the grid for over 15 years and building 3 of our own we know what works and what doesn't.

What do you need to get started?

  • A bit of space to work in - shop, garage or basement maybe.

  • Simple tools- jigsaw, wrenches etc.

  • Detailed plans for wind generators living off the grid

    Before getting started on building your own wind generator you have to order a DC motor. It is used as your power generator unit turned by the blades. It can be delivered right to your door and the detailed plans show you where to get if from. The cost is about $30 and that is the most expensive part.

    In fact, you can build your own 1000 watt wind generator for under $150 including the cost of the plans. That's pretty good considering the cost of a new one is topping $3000.

    While you are waiting for your DC motor you can get started on the other parts of the project.

    You can use a TV tower for your tower as they are a good height and usually free for the asking. People are switching to satellite TV these days and the used towers are not needed.

    Making wind generators living off the grid too is really about balancing the DC motor to the blades. The larger the blades the bigger the motor you need to handle the power output.

    Your blades need to be 4 feet long (total 8 foot diameter spin) to produce 1000 watts minimum.

    You can use PVC pipe or wood for the blades. They are easily fashioned from the pipe as detailed in the plans.

    We like making our blades out of wood because we have our own lumber. Spruce or Cedar or hardwood works great as long as it is clear and straight grain wood. Choose whatever material you can find that will do the job.

    The body and tail can be made from recycled material also, metals from old appliances or even stainless steel chimney pipe work well.

    When your DC motor comes put everything together as outlined in the plans.

    You will feel good about wind generators living off the grid. Watching it spin the very first time producing free electricity for your home is very exhilarating. Isn't it time you got started on your own?

    Wind Generators Living Off The Grid is the best place to start for producing your own free electricity for your home and building your own wind generators and living off the grid.

    Our family has been living off the grid since last year, and loving every minute of it. Our very best decision was definitely building wind generators living off the grid for our family and producing free electricity for our home.

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    wind generators living off the grid

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    Build Wind Generators the Right Way - The Cheap Way
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