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Dysons Electric Motors Challenge GE and GM in Race to Win the Electric Car Market


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Out-of-the-box thinking has made Sir James Dyson a billionaire and now he believes that a variant of the digital electric motor that powers his bagless vacuum cleaners can form the basis of a new, more powerful electric car.

All technical details are hush-hush, but Dyson sees electric cars playing a dominant role within 10 years. The exact configuration is unknown, but it is highly probably that the car would have several computer-coordinated individual motors. Some published data from other car companies indicate up to four motors, each driving one wheel; while others show separate motors for the front wheels and one motor on an axle driving both back wheels. In any case, the traditional transmission disappears.

The Dyson car would have solar cells embedded in the roof to continuously charge the batteries. (Even on overcast days solar cells can produce close to 25% of capacity. ) Stationary solar electric panels could be located on residential rooftops and parking lot canopies. Plugging it into an electric socket could also charge the batteries.

The British already have a plug and drive tiny electric - the G-Wiz that costs just pennies to operate. Shopping centers are opening up coin operated charging stations, so you can “top up" while visiting the mall.

Dyson's digital electric motors are said to be half the weight of comparable motors and can turn 10,000 times a minute. The more robust motors apparently under development should lead to a car that would go much faster and farther than current electrics.

With most of the fuel coming from the free energy of the sun, these electric cars represent the sustainable future of transportation, and a true, long-term reduction of imported oil.

by Jack Star

Jack Star is a former bureau chief with McGraw-Hill World News and currently edits the Green Pages on SavannahBest. See his posts at or contact him at


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