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What is Nuclear Fuel and How Nuclear Fuel Works A Future Fuel


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The word Nuclear is enough to scare any one and on top of it subject as nuclear energy is enough to confuse people. The global energy is much talked subject, thanks to scientist, environmentalist and government agencies people now know the impact of it. The quest for alternate energy is at war foot, tons of money is being poured into research by government and private industries. Countries around world are debating about building more nuclear reactors and how to safeguard them.

The people are polarized on some issues related to Nuclear energy, such as some favor partial implementation, some worry about nuclear waste and some worry about this technology slipping into the hand of bad guys. Currently Nuclear energy is source to 15% of electricity being generated. The developing countries are building nuclear reactors, specially in those countries were economy is on rise. The west has been slow in building reactors after voluntary ban on building new reactors.

The major point Nuclear energy scores over other alternative energies is in terms of output it produces. The energy released by splitting a heavy atom's nucleus is 10 time more then using an atom of fossil fuel. To generate that amount of energy would require massive setup be it any alternate fuel technology. The nuclear powered reactors or plants don't release greenhouse gas. It also emits less greenhouse gas then renewable energies such as solar, wind etc.

What stop from it becoming number one choice for alternate fuel. First it is cost of building Nuclear plant, it requires lot of money to be invested. This type of investment in terms of infrastructure and money can be done at the government level, moreover it requires lawmakers approval to setup the plants. The second reason is the threat it carries, the nuclear plant disaster or security breach etc. It requires up most security measures and nuclear safeguard. Then comes question how to handle nuclear waste, were to dispose and how to carry nuclear waste to dump site. Even transporting nuclear waste is a serious challenge. The decommissioning of the plant is another big issue.

If above challenges are handled and there is enough security and precaution measure in place to safeguard the nuclear plants. This might change peoples perception about nuclear energy or nuclear plants being closed to living area.

We are heading towards a hybrid energy solutions. For next couple of decades we will be living in the environment were we will see our energy needs being fulfilled by Oil, diesel, ethanol, Biodiesel, Fuel cells, nuclear energy etc. Hopefully by than there will be a clear choice of alternate fuel over oil, diesel and coal.

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