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What is Wind Power and How Wind Power Works How Wind Turbine Can Help


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The wind power is not new concept, it has been used as energy source in western countries for some time. Only now it is catching fast at commercial scale not only in western countries but also in developing countries. The concept behind Wind Power is to capture kinetic energy through fast moving wind. Even air has fluid in the form of small particles is gas. These particles move quickly in the form of wind.

The quick motion through air means kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is captured by specially designed turbine blades. After capturing the kinetic energy, the turbine starts moving, the movement of blade spins underneath shaft that has connection with generator. Rest of the processing is done by generator by converting rotational energy into electricity.

Gone those days when Wind mills were used to irrigate farm fields or use energy to grind agriculture produce. In modern world specially designed “Wind Turbines" are used to convert kinetic energy into electrical power, the generated power is then passed on to electric grid, which channels electricity to farms, industries and homes. The energy generated from Wind power is clean and environment friendly. This is something every country can do it on their own and they don't have to depend upon oil producing countries.

Many governments both in developed and developing countries have started putting money in Wind Power technologies as a clean and efficient alternate energy source to oil. The Wind is always available all is needed a right place to capture kinetic energy and a good wind turbine technology. The wind power does not create any problem in environment, it does not pollute air and does not use fossil fuels.

The only drawback of this this technology is casualty of birds accidentally being chopped by big moving blades. When setting up wind power station care should be made that it is not in the path of migratory birds. The other methods can also be deployed to discourage birds coming close to fast moving blades.

As countries are battling to get oil fields for economic development, more and more governments are looking for clean, environment friendly and renewable energies. The governments are looking for alternate energies as oppose to traditional energies such as coal, oil, wood or natural gas. The technological advance also had given boost to these new technologies in developing and capturing clean energy.

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Wind Generation - Is It Possible to Run Your House Off Wind Power?
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