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Interactive Whiteboard is the latest device that is used to develop smart classrooms. An individual has many doubts in mind while purchasing it; this article addresses all frequently asked questions about it to help buyers.

It is quite natural to have a number of questions in mind if you want to purchase an interactive whiteboard for your educational institute. Here's the list of questions and answers, which may help you to make a well-informed decision before buying it. This list will even help people who have already purchased this device.

At times if equipment fails to response to your touch, you might end up calling the service representative. He will simply wipe it with a cloth to resume its normal functioning. It is not a rocket science to maintain an interactive whiteboard, provided you are well-informed about its general tips. Read the below questions and answers to find apt solutions to your problems –

Question 1: What is the surface material of an Interactive Whiteboard?
Answer: The surface of the whiteboard is either scratch proof steel or ABS plastic. And, it is advised not to use any sharp pointed metallic objects, it might destroy its surface.

Question 2: How to clean Interactive Whiteboard?
Answer: For best results, clean the whiteboard surface with a clean cotton cloth occasionally. Turn Off the board (disconnect USB from PC) before cleaning.

Question 3: What are the general accessories offered with board?
Answer: Stylus / Dummy Pens for continuous writing, USB cable, fasteners for hanging, magnetic clutches, Software CD and user manual are general accessories that are offered with all interactive whiteboards, irrespective of their brands.

Question 4: If I place any object on Interactive Whiteboard , it stops working?
Answer: Do not put any object such as duster, magnets, etc. on whiteboard surface or place any object such as pen at the bottom, this would obstruct the sensors vision.

Question 5: I am unable to calibrate.
Answer: Clean whiteboard surface using a soft cloth or a tissue paper. Clean the reflector on the three sides of the whiteboard.

Question 6: Touch is not accurate.
Answer: It is recommended to recalibrate the whiteboard whenever there is a shift in the projected image.

Question 7: Whiteboard is not detecting the touch
Answer: Whiteboard has been left unused for a long time. In this case, try below three solutions:

  1. Log off the PC and log on.
  2. Take out the USB cable from PC, wait for 60 seconds and re-insert the cable.
  3. Shut down the PC and restart.

And to troubleshoot diagnostic file errors, it is recommended to contact solution provider. Hope, the above-mentioned “Questions and Answers" will enable you to fix basic problems that one encounters while using an interactive whiteboard. If the problem worsens, it is advisable to register a complaint and get it repaired under warranty or extended warranty.


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