Digital Podium: The First eLearning Hardware-Software Device for Smart Classrooms

Tanya Prasher

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Digital podium is the hi-tech edu Kiosk that features advanced teaching tools. Based on the smart classroom concept; it is a device that has interactive touch panel, visual presenter, sound system (amplifier, MIC and speakers), inbuilt computer and power supply with complete electric fitting. It runs on a software that enables a teacher to operate digital podium with finger; an instructor can annotate, access computer library, digital coursework, internet library and any external storage device using this. The device has inbuilt library of general diagrams, mathematical figures and anatomy of living beings. The digital kiosk has edge over the rest of eLearning gadgets because it records and saves the lectures (both screen and voice). The magic becomes evident when an instructor reproduces the same lecture uniformly across many classes without any effort using this innovative aide.

Technology has touched all spheres of human life; education is integral to our civilization so it does not go untouched. Evident since ages; the education system has evolved step by step from gurukul systems to classroom learniing, from classroom learning to distance learning, and from distance learning to online learning. And, technology has always been the foundation for it to expand. Witnessing the modern day education sector, there has been a gigantic transformation in teaching practices. The most significant is the replacement of black and white chalk-duster boards from interactive whiteboards. Nowadays, teachers write with their finger instead of chalk or a marker; they have access to digital content facilitated through computer and internet which is a great milestone in the industry.

As in now, there are many digital teaching devices which are into practice like interactive boards, visual presenters, projectors and many others. The most recent innovation that has revolutionized the concept of teaching in classroms is Digital Podium.


It is a smart education Kiosk (just like a bank atm machine) that offers an interactive touch panel for teachers/trainers/instructors to write with their finger. They can make the best of built-in library of anatomies, general diagrams and figures. The best part is that instructors can make more accurate mathematical figures in terms of precise dimensions. Being intuitive in nature; it automatically judges square, circle, sphere, triangle, rectangle, etc. irrespective of illegible drawing skills.

Besides, it has integrated document camera (visual presenter) that enhances the total teaching experience. Refering to real time objects in the classroom has become very easy now. Teacher can share book content or any 3D object with all students in the classroom by placing it on the smooth surface of the visual presenter. Visibility of foreign content till the last bench is possible with document camera. Besides this, the instructor can save the image in the document camera as well as computer library for future use. Doodling/Annotation is another feature of this visual presenter; annotate on image and save it in the library.

Public Addressing Sytem is also the built-in element of digital device. It includes amplifier, speakers and MIC. This ensures that teacher's voice reaches till the last bench of class. The instructor need not make any effort or stress his/her vocal cords in order to be audible.

In addition, it has a keyboard tray, a multi-storage CPU cupboard and a sliding book rest. Enclosing all the above-mentioned elements; it becomes a smart kiosk which aslos has CPU And UPS (uninterrupted power supply). Kiosk is absolutely mobile with wheels on it to easily move it from one room to another. This product is recommended for educational institutes and training houses.



Elearning & Digital Podium

The inbuilt software of smart kiosk makes the device stand out among all other techniques of elearning. Whether it is classroom education or distance learning; the equipment can successfully cater the teaching and learning needs of teachers and students resectively. The technology is always meant to create a user experience; digital podium proves to be an excellent smart classroom equipment that promises uniformity, scalability and ROI in imparting education.

Application Example:

If a teacher is not available to take a class; students need not sit idle in that period. Teacher of another class can record and save his/her lecture and reproduce the same in the class where teacher is missing. Digital Podium saves resources - money and time. Absentism is no more an issue as students can also attend missed lectures sitting at their home. Universties can upload each lecture on their official website to make classwork readily available to students.

Teachnology creates win-win situation for everyone; here also teaching and learning become more interactive through this hi-tech smart kiosk.


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