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We Can Fix the Economy OVERNITE!


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I bet you didn't know that the United States Federal Reserve processes over 476 BILLION dollars a day. Staggering isn't it? That's roughly 15 TRILLION dollars in one month or an even more stunning 180 TRILLION dollars in a year. I cannot even fathom that amount of money in my wildest dreams. Money literally flows through the Federal Reserve like a river after the snow melt in the mountains. Yet we have a massive deficit in this country and total chaos in the financial markets worldwide. Politicians cut taxes then raise taxes. Hell, in Bill Clinton's first term he even made a tax increase retroactive to the previous administration. The so called representatives in Washington D. C. think we the Taxpayer are a bottomless pit when it comes to spending our money. The do whatever they want and then spin or blame their way to another term. The best way to tell if a politician is lying is to see if his mouth is moving. If it is, they are lying! W. C. Fields once said of the quote “a fool and his money are soon parted" “hell, they were lucky to get together in the first place". Trust me politicians view you and I that very way. If you look at the way our tax dollars are distributed you would swear we have a group of socialists in the halls of government. You know the ones who state “from those that have to those that need". Whoops that was Joseph Stalin wasn't it? Well there is a very simple solution to it all and it will stimulate ours as well as the world's economy in ways you would never imagine.

It's really very simple if you think about it. I hope that by now we all realize that when you charge something on a credit card the merchant is charged a small percentage for that transaction. This fee usually is between three and five percent but can be higher depending on the type of card. It's pretty basic for the business owner. For the guarantee of payment for his product he pays a small fee. For the business owner it beats the return check charges he would incur otherwise. Stay with me now, I am getting to the point, I promise.

Now we go back to the 180 Trillion dollars that run through the Federal Reserve every year. Remember how big that number is because it is very important. What if there was a four percent transaction fee on every dollar that went thru the treasury every day. That would equal 7.2 TRILLION dollars. For the year of 2009 the federal budget is an estimated 3.1 TRILLION dollars. That would leave a 4.1 TRILLION dollar surplus to pay down debt or stimulate the economy. Personally the word surplus scares me a bit. Politicians usually just buy votes with the extra money and don't really accomplish anything with it. I have a solution for that later on. I think you will like it.

Have you figured out that taxes would be a thing of the past? That's right no more forms to fill out. Not even for Social Security. No short fall for the Social Security system in future years. Not even a self employment tax. You can invest all you want with no capital gains tax. No more inheritance issues to deal with, not one. No more loopholes in the tax code. Every dollar that is spent has four percent taken out for the budget. That means all the cash deals or for that matter drug deals pay their fair share. No one escapes. It is fair to everyone.

Critics would say it's more complicated than that. Really, well only if they want to make it that way. It is truly amazing the resistance to change that the “smart" folks in Washington D. C. have. They will complicate things to the absurd to protect their own existence but criticize anything new as to complicated to implement. If you don't believe me just contact FEMA after a hurricane or apply for a job with any government agency. The redundancy and the snail's pace at which everything moves will astound you. We put a man on the moon and built a Star Wars defense system, so I think we can figure out how to capture over 7.2 TRILLION dollars. I promise. Henry Ford had it right when he told his engineers to build a V-8 engine and they said it couldn't be done. He just told them “they would do it or he would find someone who could". You wouldn't have to show but a few “smart" folks the door until everyone was on board.

Yes, prices may rise a bit at first but the competition from the market will bring them down almost immediately. Besides no one would notice because everyone got a raise on their paycheck. Business owners will have more money and more time for expansion overnight. You can even raise the minimum wage by at least a dollar an hour and now the small business owner can afford it. Businesses would hire and grow so fast that before long that little four percent would be raising 10 TRILLION a year and growing. The poor would be able to find good paying jobs because of the shear growth of the economy. Accountants can count money or help some other way.

If the country wants a National HealthCare system then the money is there for it. I say the country because I believe that any budget increase of over 2% a year needs to be voted on in a general election. That's right let's limit those “smart" folks in Washington D. C. to no more than a 2% increase every year. Hey, it's our surplus not theirs. Let it stack up until “we" are ready to spend it. Politicians would no longer get a blank check. They, like us in the real world, would be on a budget and be held accountable.

Now, for the fun part. The last fifteen days of May every year are for voting on surplus expenditures. The first sixteen days of May are for the advertising and promotion of things that our Politicians think we need. Not before May or after voting starts. In addition, only five things can be voted on for surplus expenditure spending each year. No fair confusing the public. What a switch, the lobbyist would then have to lobby you and I and not some fat cat in Washington D. C. . . Let's see them fly us all to Barbados to play golf.

Why May, you ask. Because January 1 is the day they are implemented. That's right if it's on the ballot and passes; it has to up and running at 100% six months later. No excuses, if it's not running at 100% it's defunded and we start all over again. We live in a here and now world so people expect and deserve results for their hard earned money in a timely fashion. No more years of building layers of red tape infrastructure that drains cash and accomplishes nothing. It either gets done or someone else gets a crack at it. Welcome to the real world. You produce or you get replaced with someone who will. If the government can't do it, I guarantee the private sector can and probably for half the money.

For those “highly intellectual" people who think we may have Constitutional issues with the implementation of such a plan, my response to them is. Where were you when a president was having oral sex in the oval office and struggling with the word “is" during legal questioning that was televised for all to see. Or, where were you when we elected a president with little more proof of his birth in the United States than a child gets as a prize from a box of cereal. Simply put, you are either part of the solution are you ARE the problem. Not a single red tape bureaucrat would lose a job; they would just have a different job description. Our budget might even go down a few billion for the lack of paper and office supplies needed to track tax info.

We would also make the 4% a law. No increase ever, none. Government can get out of our way and we will grow the revenue through the roof. They will live on a budget tied to the welfare of the entire country, not just a few who think they have a plan for everyone. This plan would turn the economy into a raging juggernaut. Growth would be so dramatic and rapid it would astound even the greatest of disbelievers.

Hey, what we have now doesn't work and currently won't work with the people we have in charge. So why not do something that will work and is remarkably simple for everyone to understand.

Written by: Terry Miller of

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