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The Cabala of Economics

Dovid Krafchow

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Silver, Kesef in Hebrew, also has the meaning of desire as in Kesef Nefshi/My Soul Expires with Desire for the Creator, but when applied to the physical realm desire can be the initiator of greed. Then tenth of the Ten Commandments explicitly denies the desire to covet the neighbor's possessions, yet that is precisely what our economic system is based upon-the coveting our neighbor's possessions which leads to conglomerates.

The bloated state of the American economy with all its toxic waste polluting the flow of life to the American citizen has its place in the Torah which speaks about a future when “They got fat and kicked. " A fat person kicks because he can not run and the legs are the strongest part of his body since they hold up all the fat. When the legs become weak the body begins to crumble. A crutch or a cane is not enough, the government has to intercede to hold up this fat economy, but the government has also gotten fat and kicked.

No nation will feel compassion for the USA who has used her freedom and wealth to bully the world into giving up their resources so Americans can have everything-no pleasure denied. It is the pleasure hiding within the desire that makes people fat. There was once a great man who reveled in God with such pleasure that he got fat, but American fat is godless because it is full of putrid religion.

The American government has set a dangerous precedent and example for the populous of the world which has resulted in poverty and neglect for the human being unable to keep up with the pace of American life, the great rush into nowhere-the drunken rudderless boat of unbridled desire for that which is not ours. If we want to fix our country we must begin at the bottom.

There are a lot of homeless people in our nation and there are a lots of homes empty because the American Dream has turned into a nightmare which just happens to be a karmic solution to house the poor of the land in the empty buildings now belonging to the government which in truth is the people. Until, as a nation we begin to honor the human being and the earth upon which we live we will doubtlessly be revisited by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire and draught until we awake from the American nightmare and open our eyes to the reality of creation.

God, the Name for that personal relationship each person has with the Creator, does not like what we are doing with creation. It is time to revamp our system of government and economics away from the dictates of ancient Rome. Rome, who prays to the planet Mars which is identified in the Torah as being the previous world known as Tohu/Confusion, a name derived from the nature of the previous world to be independent through the wanting of everything, has ended. Their 2000 year reign on the world is over.

In the end, the entities of Mars also, got fat and kicked because they wanted everything-the earth is the recipient of that life energy which requires to be fixed in this physical world through cooperation and love. It is time, and we have the know how to do it, for the ideal to become the real.

Dovid Krafchow lives in San Francisco and is the author of Kabbalistic Tarot published by Inner Tradition and a new series of five ebooks called The Dance of the Pig: a cosmology and world history based on the Cabala, available only at

Dovid is a Jewish elder and teacher, unafiliated and non-religious. He stridently believes that in the end it is the individual who changes the world.


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Trickle Down Vs Bubble Up Economics
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