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President Bush on the Financial Crisis


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Is he crazy? President Bush's comments tonight on the financial crisis failed to mention that in his quest for money to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Fed raised the interest rate killing the appreciation of individual's homes, as well as strangling those families who bought homes with adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). These families bought their homes with ARMs products thinking that later they were going to have better jobs and salaries to continue to live the American dream, having a home.

The U. S. financial crisis is due to:

Greedy bankers who sold financial products (credit default swaps) to companies interested in buying insurance for their lack of due diligence in issuing credit products for a quick buck to their quarterly performance for higher salaries and bonuses.

Sleepy regulators, same as Katerina.

A president that does not stop printing money; therefore, increasing the national debt to ($10 trillion) just about the size of the GDP. We may have nothing to back the greenback, which is why our best companies are crumbling before our eyes.

Why we have to pay for that?

I suggest you get out of your 401K!

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