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Lowest Gas Prices Will We Ever See Lower Gas Prices Than We Have Now?


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Having the lowest gas prices today, tomorrow, or next year is one thing. Will we ever experience having the lowest gas price of around four dollars a gallon ever again? Probably not but remember, it is an election year for the U. S. !

Other than that, it could be quite some time before gas prices will ever stabilize. We could blame our government but the reality of it all is. . . with a few exceptions, most all other countries are paying “at least" four dollars a gallon. It actually fluctuates quite a bit. Some countries are actually paying up to eleven dollars a gallon!!

I have read a good number of news stories blaming this or blaming that but the money we are paying per gallon compared to the rest of the world is not that bad. . . or is it!

It could be in the future!

I think if you talk to just about anyone, it was obvious for years now that more should be done to keep from relying on outside sources in regards to our energy needs! When gas was more than two dollars a gallon, it really affected what we did inside my own immediate family. Now it is double that and there are entities out there saying that gas could be as much as seven dollars a gallon in just a few short years.

Even if the United States would start drilling now, or some other form of technology would rise up and drastically reduce our need for gas, we will probably not see prices get down this low again.

I believe the only viable option out there (especially for those with fixed incomes), is to start looking at generating a secondary income using the internet. . . a home based business! Getting a second job at a brick and mortar will soon (if not already) not be a viable option because of the cost associated with getting back and forth to work!

With the many aging and retiring baby boomers out there, there probably is not a better time than looking to the internet to generate that needed extra income. Because we know, if you are able to find and purchase gas at the lowest gas price now of around four dollars a gallon, next year the lowest gas prices around might be at five or six dollars a gallon!

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