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Personal Salvation During the Coming Economic Chaos Part 1

Robert A. Meyer

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The thing we fear most has come upon us-and that is extreme economic crisis. Years of government intervention is reaping havoc on the market place. Deficit spending, easy money policies that cause boom and bust cycles, foreign excursions, excessive taxation, crippling regulations on business, the drug war, war on poverty, welfare schemes, pyramid schemes such as social security, mass liberty violations etc. -are breaking the back of our economy and destroying the American Dream. What is an individual to do? How does he discover personal salvation when everything around him is falling apart?

Illusions and Delusions

Generations of Americans have believed the illusion that government can control the economy and make their lives better. Of course the establishment does everything possible to reinforce this illusion. Politicians and bureaucrats made sure the citizens of our once great nation became dependent on the government for their very existence- reducing them to government benefit addicts. The establishment media is devilishly effective in reinforcing this illusion through the use of their propaganda machine. Once people steadfastly refuse to give up their illusions-become attached to them-they mutate into delusions-delusions that are destroying everything that America once stood for.

Social Altruism

Altruism is the philosophy of selflessness and self-sacrifice. Altruists claim that it is a loving and giving philosophy-but this is nothing but an illusion. It is actually a cannibalistic philosophy of hate and plunder. Government has institutionalized it-and it is the main weapon politicians use to plunder productive citizens. And it is their weapon of choice in their systematic destruction of America. The philosophy of altruism is the philosophy of anti-life.

The media acts as if altruism is the solution to all our problems-even while they are reporting all the stories of crime and economic crisis. You would think they would see the connection. Social altruism destroys both the ones forced to supply the help and the ones who were “helped. " The plundered ones suffer diminished productive power-the ones “helped" become more dependent on the booty. They become less self-reliant, living their lives as helpless children. Total productivity eventually plummets-hurting all.

If you want to live as a happy, free individual you must reject the philosophy of social altruism. It is detrimental to your loved ones, your pocketbook and your personal liberty and freedom. Continuing to support this predatory philosophy of anti-life is destructive to all the values you worked so hard to achieve. Of course the establishment would like for you to keep believing all the illusions they trick you with. Their motto is ‘You must be kept dumb. " Believe me-they depend on your support-on you continuing to play the part of the victim. Ayn Rand speaks of the “Sanction of the Victim. " Well it is time you withdraw your support, discover your personal power and give up the role of victim.

Personal Altruism

You may be asking “Well what about voluntarily helping others? Shouldn't one our goals be to help the less fortunate? How about helping family members or close friends?"

Helping others on a personal level isn't as cut and dried as some may think. I know from some of my own personal experiences.

You are presented with a situation where a friend, relative or even an acquaintance is in a dire situation. As an empathetic human you can actually feel some of their pain and suffering. Your heart goes out to them. If it is your son and daughter that is in trouble it is almost impossible not to help them.

Unfortunately it is possible for your heart to take over and for your head to take a vacation. With good intentions you move forward with the help of your time and money-often to your detriment. Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And what is tragic is the person you “helped" ends up considerably worse off. They fail to help themselves-they end up as much weaker individuals-they lose their initiative and self-reliance. And you are also much worse off-your time and money have vanished-you received nothing in return-not even the satisfaction of performing a good deed.

I have to admit that this has happened to me several times (you'd think I would have learned my lesson after the first time). And I'm still paying the price for my mistakes. “What you don't learn through wisdom you learn through woe. " Well I'm done with woe. I now learn through wisdom.

I believe in helping others. Doing small favors for others is pleasurable. You feel good and they feel good. However when you do big favors for others such as giving extended help, make sure that it actually benefits everyone involved-or your help could not only be self-destructive but it could also destroy the one you attempted to help.

During the coming economic chaos you have to discriminate between truth and falsehood. You must see through illusion. Otherwise, your own delusions will destroy you.

In Part 2 I will discuss the dangers of irrational selfishness-a phenomena that is out of control.

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Robert A. Meyer has an extensive background in many areas. For 30 years he has been investigating and studying economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. For almost 20 years he has been involved in meditation practices to expand his power of reason and help him reach higher states of awareness. His sales career also helped give him a deeper understanding of human nature.

He realizes there are basic principles of Human Action that will help you become successful at achieving your goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to discover “The Libertarian Way. " He lives “The Libertarian Way" and experiences its many pleasures and ecstasies on a daily basis. Even more important is that he discovered that enjoying Libertarian Pleasures greatly diminishes emotional pain and suffering.

Robert A. Meyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He currently lives in Garland, Texas with his wife, Gloria.


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