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Personal Salvation During the Coming Economic Chaos Part 3

Robert A. Meyer

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In Part 1, I mentioned that you must avoid the social philosophy of altruism. In Part 2, I explained how irrational selfishness in others and yourself is detrimental to your success and happiness. During good times these cause much mischief and mark the beginning of social and personal decline. During the coming economic chaos they will be deadly for your overall well-being.

You may be asking “Well, what am I supposed to do? I fear for the future of our nation, my loved ones and myself. Or you could be the type of person that can survive and thrive whether times are good or bad. Who is this person that is strong enough to overcome the challenges caused by economic crisis? He is the rationally selfish individual.

Traits of the Rationally Selfish

The rationally selfish person shuns the social philosophy of altruism because he knows it has catastrophic consequences for everyone-even the purveyors of this anti-life nonsense. He would never purposely indulge in irrationally selfish behavior. He is in control of his thoughts, feelings and actions. He understands all causes have effects-and he makes sure he understands cause and effect relationships. He may error in his judgment but he has the ability to adjust his thinking and actions-to achieve his goals and desires.

An individual who practices rational selfishness realizes he is a being who possesses power. He (she) is an individualist. He is totally responsible for his thoughts, feelings and actions. He lives the life of the rationally selfish individual-and he confidently accomplishes his goals and desires. He acts according to what he values-and he wouldn't consider accepting the second-hand values of others. He has complete confidence in the efficacy of his mind and he takes purposive action. Can you imagine an individual of this caliber lamenting about the fact he doesn't know where his thoughts come from or why he acts on them in self-destructive ways?

Rational Selfishness and You

Do you passionately desire the life of the rationally selfish individual-or do you prefer to just give up and to live as a leaf at the mercy of the wind-even allowing a gentle breeze to carry you away to pain, suffering and despair. You make the choice. If you decide to live the life of the rationally selfish and enjoy the existence of the individualist, I have some recommendations for you.

  1. Indulge in continuous learning. Study the great masters of economics, success philosophy and metaphysics. Exercise your mind. Ignorance doesn't cut the mustard in a quickly changing world-and it definitely will be detrimental to your survival during the coming economic chaos.
  2. Exercise and healthy eating. If you don't take proper care of your body-eventually not much else will matter. It is irrationally selfish to carelessly allow your body to deteriorate through excessive drinking, drug abuse, filling it with junk food and lack of exercise. Some believe your body is the “Temple of God. " You certainly don't want to treat your temple with the disrespect of neglect and abuse.
  3. Meditation. Controlling your thoughts, feeling and actions are critical-especially during the coming economic chaos. Lack of control spells personal doom and destruction. When everyone around you is losing their heads-not to mention their wealth and security-you act as an individualist acts-you are in total control of the situation. Meditation gives you the ability to control your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Doing the above helps you survive and thrive during the coming economic chaos. In Part 4, I discuss the only social system that can insure the survival of “The American Way of Life. " It is the social system you must endorse and support wholeheartedly to guarantee your own survival.

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Robert A. Meyer has an extensive background in many areas. For 30 years he has been investigating and studying economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. For almost 20 years he has been involved in meditation practices to expand his power of reason and help him reach higher states of awareness. His sales career also helped give him a deeper understanding of human nature.

He realizes there are basic principles of Human Action that will help you become successful at achieving your goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to discover “The Libertarian Way. " He lives “The Libertarian Way" and experiences its many pleasures and ecstasies on a daily basis. Even more important is that he discovered that enjoying Libertarian Pleasures greatly diminishes emotional pain and suffering.

Robert A. Meyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He currently lives in Garland, Texas with his wife, Gloria.


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