Most of My Peers Are Wrong About Investing in China


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IF you have studied Capitalism in high school or college, you know that it comes in all flavors. The Arab nations claim they have it. Russia claims to have it. The ex-RED nations claim to have it. None of them really do. They do have a half-assed hybrid capitalistic/Socialistic economic system run by monarchs or dictators. I say half-ass purposefully. When one wants to make a pie and puts within it, noodles, cake and fruit, it becomes a half-ass pie. [Or give it your favorite nick name. ]

Capitalism INFERS or connotes a fairly level playing field, a tort legal system so one can sue those who steal patents, copyrights, etc. It infers that government may only play a peripheral role by making sure all participants play the game by the SAME rules, and emphatically, no competition between private enterprise and government. The business of government is to protect the people and the business of business is to make profits.

Recently, when our US government complained to the current Russian president that he is not playing by the rules HE ALREADY AGREED TO PLAY BY, the old cunning KGB leader responded by saying “this is none of your business”. I still agree that most of the time the old dogs cannot learn new tricks–unless capturing the favor of the US and then, shoving pie into our face is his new trick!

China wants to gain favor throughout the world WHILE keeping its populace under control and by re-emphasizing its yoke of its citizens. China is led by both covert and overt Communist leaders who, depending on the day of the week, want to strangle their people’s growth ideas and spending habits AS LONG as the Politburo can control same. AS of late June and July, the Politburo is again, seeking all users of the internet to make sure each user REGISTERS and says nothing unfavorable about the “loving” fatherland.

IN the book “If everyone wore one shoe”, the author followed 5 large US corporations as they endeavored to set up in China. The setting-up was given five years. In some cases, the stories were not terribly dissimilar to those of the members of America’s first unions with cases of feather bedding that were sad. [In a case introduced to me by a friend living in China, one of their main employers allows a certain percentage of employees to come to work and sit all day long in the lunchroom and then, go home and get paid!]

Since Bush is . . . . . . enough to have granted China “favored nations" status, there is no reason- USING his logic-to not invite N. Korea, Cuba and Iran and others to trade with us.


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