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Most Well Known Pirates


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They have become known for their hooks and ghost ships in which imposed fear and a mystery world in the Caribbean during the 18th century. Glass eyes, hooks instead of hands and stylish hats with exotic bird feathers hanging from the top, all of theses characteristics were a constant on kids movies, books, games and Halloween costumes. This sense of piracy will always be part of many childhoods on the years to come however, the pirates in which are headlines for the world crime sections on the paper are part of a very different reality than what kids tend to interpret. Armed to heir feet with automatic guns, bombs, jet boats and kidnapping experiences, the pirates inhabiting the Indian Ocean are a threat to anyone that dares to cross it. This article will introduce some of the most dangerous pirates that have ever lived.


The Bristol native has been source for novels, films, studies and after more than 250 years of his death he still continuous to be know as one the most vicious pirates that have ever lived. Born in 1680, he had always been feared throughout his life, having scary features on his face and a deep black tone of body hair certainly helped him to be part of the Benjamin Hornigold crew. After gathering the most experience from his first piracy, Blackbeard acquired his own ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge is which caused absolute terror between the short period of 1717 to 1718. By using fear instead of force, Blackbeard managed to obtain ransoms, treasures and most importantly respect among other pirates. He was so feared by enemies that Blackbeared was shot by the Royal Navy and eventually killed. His legacy continued after his death mainly because of his approach of fear and intimidation.

Captain Edward Low

Arguably the most notorious pirate to operate in the Caribbean, he set ground rules between his allies and enemies in which are seen as pure barbarousness. Definitions of his approach can be found as “a man of amazing and grotesque brutality” and done credit to the ingenuity of the Spanish Inquisition in its darkest days”. Born in poverty in London, he always committed crimes to survive. After moving to Boston, his wife died at childbirth and that may be the cause of his will to become an out-law and practice obscene actions. Not only capturing and burning hundreds of occupied ships, he violently tortured his victims before killing them. His death is still a mystery and the only information about it was that Low was hanged in Martinique in 1724.

Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse

Surely the most well known pirate from the current days, Muse was consistent news figure during 2009. After committing maritime kidnapping and breaking international marine laws he was captured by the US Navy and brought to trial in NY. His trial was made famous for being the first maritime law trial since the 1800's. Muse's case made positive improvements on the US maritime security legislation and displayed its faults. He pledge guilty in May 2010 even tough his age is unknown.


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The Iranian Navy vs Somali pirates
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