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Whos in jail-new Folsom State Prison inmates search riot history

Jeff Donaven

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The Folsom state prison inmates riots seem to be an yearly occurence. With the increasing number of inmates search every day the next one might just be tomorrow.

California is home to some of the biggest Hollywood stars and professional sport teams such as the San Francisco 49ers (NFL), Los Angeles Kings (NHL) and of course the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) who won their 16th NBA Finals in 2010 by defeating the Boston Celtics (Lakers won 4 games -Boston won 3 games). The Los Angeles Lakers doesn’t always win finals consecutively but what’s seem to be consecutive is the riots in California’s jails and prisons, especially Folsom State Prison.

The history of the Folsom State Prison begin in 1880 when it was first established. As of 2010, the prison is 130 years old and managed to prove that it can be an extremely threatening universe and shouldn't be a superstructure which a Californian forecast to proceed. Operated by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), there's a massive quantity of serious ends results that can conclude to an imprisonment inside the Folsom State Prison. For illumination, if your apologetic-self drink up a mug of Pale Ale or Moroccan wine en plus the sanctioned capacity and opt for a clean getaway behind the wheels of a stolen Audi while being chased by the local law enforcement, you might find yourself 20 miles (32 km) North East from the state capital of Sacramento inside the Folsom State Prison. As cinematic and unbelievable this illumination may seem, there's still plenty of regular Californian residents who challenge the thought of constantly ending up inside Folsom State Prison or any of the other 32 adult inmate establishments managed by the CDCR. But the fact is that alcohol is unpardonable and this illumination could happen to any individual from any ethnicity. One sec everything makes you feel like its party time and the other microsecond you can catch yourself in a hurricane of troubles inside the Folsom State Prison.

Once imprisoned, the trouble begin from the number of inmates incarcerated inside the Folsom State Prison. As the second oldest prison in California, it was originally build to confine 1800 inmates but very recent stats revealed that the Folsom State Prison is currently housing more than twice of its capacity with a figure nearing 4500 inmates. A few of these inmates may have been celebrities such as Joseph Gamsky aka Joe Hunt (the Billionaire Boys Club), Shorty Rossi (the Animal Planet show Pit Boss) and multi-platinum selling singer Rick James (I’m RicK James B****!). But 90% of the rest of these inmates are associated with very dangerous gangs and possibly had connections with malign individuals such as Charles Manson , Joseph Lyle Menendez and his brother Erik Galen Menendez, Glen Stewart Godwin (the only inmate to ever manage to escape from the Folsom State Prison) and many others. For these reasons solely, it's essential to be conscious on the values that are promoted inside the Folsom State Prison, captain your conduct, hang around with your own complexion and be au courant of the ranked gangs since they are the main reason for the many riots.

It is logic that when you enclose the worse of the worse from society into the same architecture that you will encounter violent scenarios. Some of these scenarios however managed to get major attention from the media and a special place on the record books. Here are the last 2 major riots from Folsom State Prison which received extended airtime from the local news bulletin:

This is the same riot report later that day:

Around 1:15PM in late September 2008, a riot involving hundreds of inmates irrupted on the Folsom State Prison’s yard and provoked a chain reaction with cause the violence to spread into 2 other complex. A crowd control grenade had to be used by a prison guard to subdue the inmates in battle. Once everything returned to normal, news helicopters showed 100’s on inmates sitting on the recreation yard and closed guarded by armed law enforcement officers. The aftereffect of the riot has left 3 inmates severely injured which had to be transferred to a nearby hospital and 2 other inmates suffered minor injuries.

Almost a year later on August 27 2010, another riot involving 200 inmates started around 6:55PM on the recreation yard of the Folsom State Prison. This one lasted longer and had more injured victims. The riot begin without warning or sign and soon after around 45 prison officials flooded the scene with the presumption that they will stop the chaos. Fatigued and under-numbered, they had no other choice but to fire 5 mini-14 shots, 3 rounds of dispersion grenades and 20 rounds of 40 millimeter munitions to regain order within the recreational yard. This ongoing fight between Latinos and blacks concluded with 7 convicts severely injured and had to be healed in an exterior near by hospital but nobody was murdered in the riot. Nonetheless the Folsom State Prison stayed on lockdown for the next 96 hours.

More related information on the Folsom State Prison and other department of corrections may be essential to understand this ongoing riot and it can only be found on my site


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