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Criminal Record - Search For Public Record


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A criminal record is a documentation of a people criminal history, normally used by potential lenders, employers etc. to review his or her fidelity. The information included in a criminal history varies between countries and sometimes even among authority within a country.

Declaration of criminal records

If one has sentenced for a crime then one will get a criminal record even if one was given a complete discharge. This might cause difficulties in some situations. For instance, when applying for a job one can be asked if one have a criminal record. However, if not asked one does not have to say.

On being asked about conviction(s)

If one asked about, convictions then one need to say. But, if a span of time called the ‘rehabilitation period’ has conceded since ones conviction one no longer need to declare one has a criminal record. Nonetheless, some exceptions to this are:

  • If one is applying for a job, which provides lodging, leisure, care, and schooling, recreational facilities, social services, supervision or training to young people aged fewer than 18.

  • If one is applying for work, which provides social services care to elderly people, physically or mentally disabled people, alcohol or drug misuses or the chronically sick.

  • If one is applying to work in the administration of justice as a police officer, traffic warden or probation officer.

  • If one is applying to join definite professions like lawyer, dentist, doctor, nurse, accountant and chemist.

  • If one is applying for jobs that involves national security (such as civil service, defense contractors etc).

    A criminal background check is a testimony of a person's criminal history, normally used by latent employers, lenders etc. to assess his or her reliability and dependability. The information incorporated in a criminal record differs between countries and even between jurisdictions within a country. In nearly all cases, it records every non-expunged criminal offense and could also include traffic crimes such as drunk-driving and speeding. Whereas In some countries the record is limited to definite convictions, while in others it also consists of arrests, charges pending, charges dismissed, and charges of which the subject has been acquitted. The latter policy is time and again argued to be a human rights violation, as it works against the presumption of innocence.

    Criminals are not that easily identified through looks. They can grow to be suspicious by the way they act and the strange things they do. However, this is not sufficient to judge someone as you might be wrong. Thus, the best ways to be convinced and know if a person has the potential to do such crimes is to check their past actions. Past actions are established in their public record where all of these acts were recorded. Details about person's wife and the wedding are recorded in marriage records. A man who served in a military jointly with his honor badges and ranks are recorded in military records. All the particulars of birth are in birth records. All the past offenses, violations, as well as serious crimes are listed in criminal records. Besides these history records, there are additional public record available for access on the Internet. offers you, complete information of the person you want to know, specially, about his or her public record . Here you can also find weather the person has any criminal record. It simply provides you a complete record check on your desired search. It is the best help to create a new contacts and communication

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