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A Travesty of Justice

Athena Louise

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A young man I know, went to prison, served several years, and got out on parole. I am not saying he is innocent or guilty of the crime he was accused of. He was charged with one crime, while his cohorts were accused of multiple offences. The Police Officer, who was a main witness at his trial, has since been found guilty of manufacturing evidence, among other crimes, and is currently serving time in the state prison.

This young man was released from prison, married, had children, and did everything the legal system said he had to in order to get off supervised parole. The parole board, who agreed to the terms he has since abided by, decided to change their decision after he accomplished all they asked. The parole board is now saying he is responsible for all the crimes his fellow cohorts did, and must pay an additional restitution of almost thirty thousand dollars or go back to prison.

Understand this clearly. This young man, who was not accused of, or found guilty of, crimes others did must now make restitution for their crimes or spend the next ten years in prison.
This is our legal system at work.

I do not know why the parole board in Kentucky changed their minds when he has documentation showing exactly what he must do to get off parole, and proof it was accomplished. I do not know where this young man is supposed to suddenly come up with thirty thousand dollars. He has a family to support, and in this depression we are in, it is hard enough to find work, much less have an extra thirty thousand dollars lying around.

His parole officer knows this entire situation is wrong, and is trying his best to rectify it. I do not if he will be able to, so I am publishing this, and sending a copy to the Governor of Kentucky, because, the only way I can see for this to be fixed is for this young man to get a full pardon from the Governor.

Wish me luck.



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