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Self Defense Products As Part of Your Self Defense Strategy

Jack Krohn

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The right to defend oneself and ones’ property is a God given right and one of the most basic rights of a free society along with the right to bear arms. Men have always had to protect everything from his life to all his possessions.

Today we depend on laws, a civilized society and the police to help protect us. However police resources are spread thinner each day. Individuals must assume more responsibility for their own safety and security and that of their loved ones.

Where do non lethal self defense products fit into your self defense strategy?

Self defense products are an integral part of the strategy. Stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, etc have their place for sure. You also need to know how to use them and practice using them so when the time comes you are ready and act reflexively.

Another key ingredient is learning some basic self defense techniques that can build your confidence. Self Defense DVD's allow you to learn in the comfort of your own home at your own pace from world class instructors.

I have long been a proponent of teaching school age children basic self defense skills in school then repeated for several years

Once you have the basics get a friend and practice using your self defense training, practice using your pepper spray or stun gun. If and when the time comes to defend yourself you want your instincts to take over and react not stop and think about what to do.

If you take these steps you will take a giant leap in building your confidence in and your actual ability to defend your self and your family.

Jack Krohn is the author of over 350 articles, 15 websites and blogs and is currently the #1 author of Home Security Articles in the country. He owns SECURITY SOLUTIONS a one stop resource that provides solutions and answers for all your self defense and home security problems.

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