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Stun Alarm Flashlight to Light and Protect

Jack Krohn

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Last week I got an interesting note from a customer about a situation she was in and how she handled it. It is another lesson to pay attention to your instincts.

She was on her way to her car after doing some shopping at a local mall. It was dusk and getting harder to see but she could almost sense someone following her-you know that sensation when the hairs stand up on your neck.

She took a quick look around and didn't see anyone but decided to hustle a bit to get to the car quicker. As she was going she reached into her purse for her keys and her 8" stun alarm flashlight.

She was using the flashlight to find her way when she heard a voice from behind ask her a question. She wheeled around told the guy to back off in no uncertain terms pressed the 130 db alarm button and charged the 80,000 volts creating a scary noise and sight.

This two second reflex did two things. It scared the potential assailant away and drew attention to the situation form others nearby who heard the alarm.

Who knows what could have happened. Her stun flashlight may have prevented an assault or a carjacking. It is one of the best self defense products for women. Flashlights are so common that most folks have one in their car, home and boat for safety reasons.

Combine the utility of the flashlight with a powerful alarm and 80,000 volts and you have a great women's self defense tool to light and protect.

There's another model that is 16.5" long and has 200,000 volts and the same great alarm.
If you are in the market for a self defense product look for quality, effectiveness, and a biggie-LEGALITY.

Stun guns are not legal in some states. Check with your local police department first before you get one. The Stun Alarm Flashlight is one of the best.

Jack Krohn is the author of over 300 articles, 15 websites, 15 blogs and the #1 author of Home Security Articles in the country. He owns SECURITY SOLUTIONS a one stop resource that provides solutions and answers for all your self defense and home security problems.


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