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Drunk Driving In Singapore


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Drunk driving can be classified as one of the most selfish act one can ever do. This is on the top of my list for the selfish act of the century. It must be drunk driving.

Primary reason is because the drunk driver is putting the lives of other road users at risk. Not only he is a danger to himself, he is also a danger to the public.

As the number of drunk drivers increase year by year, the government has also toughen the laws when dealing with drunk drivers but yet, these drivers seems to be paying less attention to the laws.

Drinking is all there is to for habitual drinkers and they make up the highest number for drunk drivers.

Drinking and driving is the perfect combination for disaster and looking at the statistics for the number of road accident in Singapore, accident caused by drunk driver will easily make up more than 50% of the road accidents.

Why do people still driving after having too much to drink? It is the moment of insanity and driving seems to be the best thing to do when you had too much to drink.

Well, it all goes down to the person's character. If he is the sort who loves action and thrill, he is likely to end up driving even after having ten jugs of beers!

With more citizens calling for tougher and stiffer penalty for drink driving, it will just be a matter of time when even a first time offender will be put to jail and their driving license revoked for a period of minimum of five years if he is caught for drink driving. That will send out a strong signal to all drivers and they will be looking for ways to get a lighter sentence when caught.

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Drunk Driving - A Real Danger
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