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It\'s Taser Torture Time


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If you're ever on the receiving end, you'll suffer an unforgettable experience. You probably won't even notice the two electric probes speeding toward you at 100 miles per hour, but you will definitely notice the 50,000 volts of current that instantly overrides your central nervous system.

And you will always remember the agony and excruciating pain as the electrical pulses cause involuntary muscle contractions as you fall paralyzed to the ground, perhaps losing bladder and bowel control.

Police officers experiencing a 1.5 second jolt as part of their taser training said, “Anyone who has experienced it will remember it forever. "

That's for a 1.5 second jolt. The usual taser time lasts for 5 seconds, unless the trigger is held down. Then it will last as long as the battery holds out.

A Michigan County Sheriff called it, “The longest five seconds of my life. It's extreme pain, there's no question about it. "

A firearms consultant described it as, “The most profound pain I have ever felt. You get total compliance because they don't want that pain again. "

Classified as “non-lethal" weapons, some 250,000 taser guns are used by law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and 70 other countries. In most cases they are used in pain-induced compliance - an accurate description of torture.

In fact, a UN committee declared, after several recent deaths in North America, that taser electronic stun guns are a form of torture that can kill. The committee of 10 experts went on to say that, “The use of these weapons causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture and, in certain cases, they can even cause death. "

According to Amnesty International, over 300 deaths around the world can be attributed to indiscriminate taser use. They have called for suspension of taser use and a full investigation.

Since our new Attorney General Michael Mukasey is unable to define waterboarding as torture, and since our torturer-in-chief says we don't torture, while directing “enhanced interrogation" in secret prisons all over the world, the deadly use of tasers will no doubt be dismissed as inconsequential.

The taser company says their “non-lethal" weapon saves lives by being an effective alternative to real guns. Obviously true. No argument. Tasers have provided life-saving protection again and again. But their use has changed. Tasers can inflict torture and they can kill. They are, in fact, becoming the perfect compliance weapon for the fascist police state we are fast becoming.

Consider the recent death at the Vancouver Airport of Robert Dziekanski, 40, a non-English speaking man from Poland who had spent 10 hours in the airport without help. He threw a chair and tried to break things, then calmed down after security arrived. The Vancouver police talked to him for exactly 24 seconds, then piled on, batons flying, and tasered him to death. Complete videos of the incident show him writhing on the ground and screaming for a long time before he died.

In another recent case, a 54 year old man was slumped over the wheel of his car in Ozark, Alabama. Local police tasered him for not responding to their commands to exit the vehicle - which he was unable to do because of his medical condition. He was having a diabetic seizure. He had no criminal record and tests showed no alcohol in his system. He was charged with driving under the influence.

Jared Massey was pulled over by Utah Highway Patrolman John Gardner for allegedly speeding on September 14th. When Massey refused to sign the speeding ticket, trooper Gardner tasered him, in front of his pregnant wife who came out of their car screaming at the sight of her husband flat on his back on the ground. Massey is planning to file a lawsuit against the Utah Highway Patrol.

23-year-old student Mostafa Tabatabainejad was tasered repeatedly by UCLA police while he was in the Powell Library Computer Lab. His crime? He refused to show his ID. Police know that it takes at least a minute to be able to stand after a single taser shot, yet a video and eyewitnesses describe the police as demanding their victim to get to his feet, as they repeatedly shock him again and again and again.

Tabatabainejad screams and cries and begs and pleads for them to stop, while the shocks continue, 50,000 volts of paralyzing pain as the police inflict their diabolical torture.

Amnesty International reports a taser use almost out of control. Taser-related deaths are increasing. Taser-related torture is being inflicted daily - and apparently no one is immune.

Uncooperative children are being tasered, as are pregnant women, the disabled, people with mental illness, handicapped and helpless suspects, anyone and everyone imaginable.

Orange County police tasered an 18 year old Orlando man who was tied to a hospital bed - because he refused to give a urine sample.

Washougal, Washington police tried to serve a citation on Russian immigrant Olga Rybak because her dog had bitten another officer the day before. Rybak, who spoke little English, asked for a translator. She was introduced to a taser instead and was shocked 12 times in 91 seconds in front of her two young sons, who were threatened with the taser also when they tried to help their mother.

The boys are still undergoing psychiatric treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. The officer involved was the taser training officer for the Police Department.

I could list page after page of similar incidents, some truly horrendous. The vast majority of incidents apply to people who are unarmed or already restrained. They are used, more often than not, strictly as instruments of compliance. They are instruments of torture.

Consider the fact that US military units use tasers - among them, the 800th Military Police Brigade, responsible for torture at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

With an out-of-control police force ready to torture anyone for any reason or no reason at all, what's to be done? Well, you can try to fight fire with fire. For about $300 you can buy your own personal taser in any of several designer colors.

Taser has sold over 120,000 consumer versions of their torture device since 1994. You too can carry 50,000 volts of protection in your pocket - unless you live in DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ or WI where they are still illegal. CT and IL allow civilian use, but with restrictions.

Just think! When you are about to be tasered by law enforcement, you could just whip out your own taser and. . . no, not a good idea. You could be tasered to death. Or taken away for an extended vacation at the Gitmo Hotel. Best to try to protect yourself from the thugs that aren't in uniform.

As long as torture is legal in this country, there is little you can do to protect yourself - except to keep a low profile and try to blend in with the rest of the Sheeple. Until such time as we decide to take this country back - what's left of it - no matter what the cost.

In the meantime, our benevolent government has developed a new high tech weapon, even more effective than the taser. It's a heat wave, microwave gun known as ADS (Active Denial System) that uses high-powered radio waves to cause the molecules in a target's skin to vibrate violently, creating an unbearable burning sensation.

When your blood begins to boil you will experience the real meaning of pain and torture.

The ADS is to be used to disperse angry crowds or violent rioters - from a distance of about 2500 feet. It is to be used, of course, in Iraq. If and when it will be used as crowd control on our own citizens remains open to speculation.

One of the few things this country still excels at is the creation of instruments of pain and destruction.

Taser use is almost out of control. Take note of the daily reported incidents, for future reference. Remember that true freedom of speech no longer exists - and control your impulse to comment accordingly. Remember that torture is legal - and the new law enforcement motto is Comply or Die. Or, at the least, suffer a little with a momentary taser electrocution.

Your choices? Accept the status quo. Leave the scene and find a better place. Change the status quo - the most difficult choice of all.

Good luck.

Otto King is a freelance writer, humorist and philosopher. His website 1984 News offers Real News from alternative and global sources, and chronicles our transformation into the totalitarian world of Orwell's 1984.


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It\'s Taser Torture Time
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