Violent Gangs in America

Joseph Malek

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Recently, Local Law Enforcement people, with the help of the F. B. I. and Justice Department, arrested more than 40 members of two very well organized gangs in Florida. Who knows how many people within Florida and other States became victims of such illegal gang activity?

After about a year of investigation, the law finally put an end to those gang members, but how many other gangs and its members exist throughout the Country? Those people sell illegal drugs and weapons for the most part. As a result, tens of thousands of our children, as well as the entire population is in danger of dying from the poison those criminals sell.

It is quite clear to me that more aggressive campaigns need to be waged against organized gang activity, together with a more aggressive pursuit of illegal aliens within our Country. If they can't find a legal way to earn a living, more often than not, they find an illegal way to earn a living. The means that more crimes will be committed as the flow of illegal aliens continues into our Country.

You see, people need food and shelter in order to stay alive. If you were in a strange Country and starving to death, what would you do? You would most likely find people who could help you and those gang people are always looking for new members to add to their groups. That's no better reason to put an end to all such illegal gang activity. This too is a job for Homeland Security. Tell your elected politicians to do something about a problem that has been victimizing our people for the last 48 years.

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