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Orthotics can provide rehabilitative care to people with special needs

Lora Davis

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A contracture is a medical condition experienced by quite a number of people. People suffering from contractures experience a hardening or shortening of muscles, tendons and other body tissues which makes movement difficult. Contractures lead to joint rigidity in many cases and in worst cases deformity. Modern medical science innovations provides sufferers with orthotic equipment to heal contractures or aid disabled persons. There are many types of orthotic equipment available to sufferers of neuro muscular complications and other types of muscle and bone related challenges. Gone were the days when partially and permanently handicapped people were left to the mercy of their health conditions, these days people with these challenges can still lead near normal lives with the aid of advanced orthotic equipment. A speciality store that caters to the needs of contracture sufferers offer for sale medical equipment that provides strength and stability. The orthotics sold to buyers are therapeutic instruments which not only aid mobility but also aids the healing process when combined with other medical treatments. Here are some of the orthotics that can be bought from a “medicare orthotics cypress” store.

Mobility Equipment

A mobility equipment makes movement from one point to another easy and they are mainly used by those who have lost partial or complete use of their legs due to injuries, muscular dislocations or neurological conditions like cerebral palsy. There are two types of mobility equipment

Manual wheelchairs which are moved by hand and Computerized wheelchairs controlled by electric motors. Since they were introduced, wheelchairs have improved the living conditions of users significantly. Durable wheelchairs can be purchased at any Medicare orthotics Cypress store wherever they are located.

Knee Brace

Sufferers of knee dislocations find walking difficult. Conditions like swollen knee caps and bleeding cause a lot of pain especially when walking. A knee contracture brace can be worn to heal damaged knee tissues. It is important to note that wearing knee caps alone as a remedy is not a sufficient treatment procedure for a total healing process. The best and fastest way to heal is to combine medical treatments with the use of orthotics. That is why it is necessary to seek medical advise first before using any kind of orthotic equipment.

Foot Boot

Plantar fasciitis are common foot problems experienced by many people especially by persons of ages 60 and above. Plantar fasciitis is caused by the inflammation of tissues which connects the heel of the foot to the toes. Foot boot are highly recommended by experts in treating plantar fasciitis and other types of foot contracture problems.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulators

Chronic neuromuscular problems like spinal cord injuries are can be managed or treated with the use of specially designed electric stimulators. Stimulators aid movements and reduce the impact of weak bones and muscle tissues in injured people as they move around. They are rehabilitative instruments that have been used in treating spinal injuries for a long time now and are recommended by medical experts.

When looking for a good medical store to purchase any type of orthotic equipment, its best if you only patronize a shop that has adequate insurance coverage and only sells equipment endorsed by relevant healthcare and health insurance bodies like Medicare, Medicaid, Humana etc. When you shop at a reputable outlet that only markets recommended equipment you enjoy warranty services and you are sure of the quality you are paying for.


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