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Emergency Tree Removal During Storm Cleanups

Lora Davis

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Trees improve the beauty of our surroundings and also serve as wind breakers to protect our buildings from storms. Depending on the strength of the tree in your environment, some tree species such as the Oak tree are known to withstand very violent storms but in some cases when the storm is at its strongest, even the strongest trees give way. After storms have passed it is normal to find broken shutters, shattered roofs, and trees pulled out of the ground as if done by excavators. In such scenarios, “emergency tree removal” needs to be done to clear the ruins caused by the storm. “Storm cleanups” are done by professional service firms whose job it is to take care of clearing debris after a storm outbreak. Beyond cleaning up the entire landscape, service firms do more than that.

Disaster management

Storm cleanups are exercises carried out after a storm has passed. Cleanups are reactive procedures that can only be done after the stormy event has occurred. Fallen trees, broken pieces of wood and other objects and debris destroyed by the storm are evacuated off the premises and surrounding spaces.

Storm preparations

Disaster management also encompasses preparation activities as well. If you live in a windy region or a location that is prone to storms, putting the right modalities in place to protect lives and property is imperative. Although it is impossible to prevent storms from occurring as you have no control over it but you can lessen the impact of the storm on the lives of people and properties located in the area. Professional service firms help business and residential communities plan ahead of time to protect themselves from the negatives of vile storms.

Impact Assessment

Before carrying out repairs on properties and infrastructures damaged by a storm, an impact assessment has to be done to ascertain the extent of the damage. This is one area where the services of disaster management firms are very important. A proper assessment will take account of physical infrastructures damaged by the storm and their value. With a proper assessment in place, what it will cost to repair and the mode of repair work will be made clearer.

When a storm is raging it is important to maintain all procedures to protect yourself and everyone around you from getting hurt by flying shrapnel. After the storm has passed the very next thing that should be done is to wait to hear from the media and relevant authorities if the storm is truly over or another one is coming. If the coast is clear, depending on the extent of the damage you may have to hire professional help to clear the wreckage if the damage done is beyond what you can handle. Emergency tree removal and other storm cleanup can be done to make your environment safe again. For your tree removal, cleanup services and other general excavation services, contact a service firm close to you and let them handle the entire process.


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